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If you work in, or support the direct sales industry and have a great article idea we’d love to have you as a Penny guest contributor. ️

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The Experience


We review every blog pitch, and if we think yours is a right fit we’ll invite you to submit your article.

If necessary, we’ll edit the draft and then send it back for your approval before publishing.


The Experience


If your article is published we’ll promote it on our relevant Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. Your guest article will also include your author byline and one permanent link to a website of your choice.


What can you write about

We’re looking for a whole range of articles from thought leadership pieces, to ‘How to’ blogs, to listicles, to business improving recommendations…and so would love to hear any ideas you have to share!

Corporate Focused

  • Digital Priorities
  • Changes to the industry
  • Onboarding Strategies
  • Metrics of Success
  • Insider insights

Distributor Focused

  • Social media tips
  • Mindset advice
  • How to make sales
  • How to build a team
  • Marketing advice

Article Guidelines

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • We prefer articles that are 700+ words at a minimum. (Unless the article lends itself well to a shorter or longer format)
  • Write conversationally, keep it simple and use lots of sub-headings and bullet points when needed. (We like articles that are easy to read)
  • We only post informational articles so please avoid any promotional or sales pitches in your article. 
  • Please only include links when they’re providing extra context for the reader and not for sales or promotion. (See above)
  • The article must be original content not previously published elsewhere (the same topic can, but not the same article)

Our number one goal is to provide value to our readers so we carefully select articles based on this guiding principle 💜

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