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Video Transcript 

Personalizing your customer interactions is the key to providing world-class customer service and developing long lasting relationships.

So, let's just say that you saw that your customer Mary Boyko had a birthday when you were scrolling through Facebook.

As you can see on the web app, we went to Contacts and we pulled up her profile. Let's do the same thing on the mobile application. We're going to head to the more section, then Contacts and then we're going to type in Mary. Bear with me, I'm a slow typer. There we go.

Mary, Mary, Mary, where are you? Mary Boyko, there she is! And once we've got that contact profile up, we can scroll down a little bit and we can see right under the detail section that her birthday is April 27th, 1980. In other words, today!

Let's take a look at the same thing on the website version of Penny.

What we're going to do is click on Profile and then when we scroll down or look down a little bit, we can see that her birthday is April 27th. Perfect!

Penny How To Edit Contact Info

Personalized Outreach

So in order to make Mary feel special on her birthday, why don't we check out her Instagram and find something cool we can talk to her about. Now, I've linked my Instagram with Penny, which means that it's brought all of my Instagram followers into Penny as potential new prospects. Let's check out her profile and find this cool picture of flowers.

Everybody loves flowers. So we can bring that up in a conversation with her.

Let's see the same thing on mobile. In the mobile app will bring up Mary's profile and there we see Instagram right in the middle, under the social profile section.

We click on it and it automatically opens up her profile and now we can see that very same picture. Okay, so we've got something to talk about from her social profiles.

Let's head back into Penny, maybe take a quick look over her order history, just to make sure there's no notes that we're overlooking as well.

As we can see, we've got some notes that we've left about Mary adopting another dog also that her dog is very sensitive and that she loves our product. That's all great stuff, but I think we'll just stick with the amazing flower picture that we saw on our Instagram. All right.

Penny Sending Content For ALL GIF

Custom Content - marking personalized outreach that much easier

Now Penny allows you to create custom content. So I'm going to click up there at the top on content and I have created a special birthday message that I send to all my clients when it's their birthday.

I'm going to click "select", and then this is going to give me the option to customize. We'll replace ‘Hey you’ with ‘Hey Mary’ and maybe insert some details from their socials there.

‘I saw that beautiful flower picture you posted on Instagram, spring is here!’

Fantastic. Once you've customized things to your satisfaction, you simply choose the method of communication you want to use. In this case, we'll go with Instagram. Penny will helpfully open Instagram for you. Three, two, one, and then you can paste the message in. I'm going to right click, paste.

And now we've pasted that amazing content in from Penny that have customized just for Mary, we're going to send it to her and we are going to make her day.

Penny Tracking Outreach

Tracking Outreach

Let's head back over to Penny.

Once we get there, we can see that we've sent the content. It's the birthday message that we created, and we can see how many times she's clicked the promotional link that I included within that content. Really useful for fostering future conversations.

Remember account notes are also really great for future conversations. So don't forget to review those before you decide to reach out to your clients. The process to send content like this is almost identical on mobile. Let's take a look at Mary's profile and just see what's happened since we sent that birthday message.

So under activity, again, up at the top, we can see the birthday message, zero views and we have the ability to scroll through and view all of the account notes and activity, just like we do on the web app.

Personalizing your outreach is key to creating quality long lasting relationships and providing world-class service.

I hope you found this video helpful and don't forget with an assistant like Penny every day is a big day.

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