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Well, Hey there, Penny family.

Today, we're going to be talking about running promotions with Penny. Now the key to running a successful promotion is reaching the right people with the right message at the right time, and your assistance is going to help you get there.

Okay, so I just got off the phone with one of my customers. So I'm going to use the mobile application and look up her contact card.

As we were chatting on the phone, she mentioned that she is absolutely in love with one of our products, and I know that product is going on sale with our upcoming Summer Sizzler promo.

Penny has an incredibly powerful tagging system that automatically tags every customer's account with everything they've ever purchased, but we can also add our own tags anytime we want.


As you can see, I've added a dog owner tag, but I really want to make sure that I'm getting the message out to all of my clients about my Summer Sizzler promo. So I've created a Summer Sizzler tag that I've been adding to my customer accounts all year.

We are in the tags section of Mary's account and I'm simply going to type in Summer Sizzler and then tap that plus button to the right.

Once I do it adds the tag to her account and it will always be there unless I want to remove it, which I could do by tapping the X. Okay, now that we've tagged Mary's account, I'm simply going to close out of contacts on my mobile device.

Now Penny has an incredibly powerful feature called custom lists. This is a paid feature, but it works so well with tags and I want to show you how we can use it to create a promotion for our clients.

Custom List - create lists based on your tags

Let's head over to the custom list section in Penny found over on the left. All right up towards the top, you can see Create a Custom List and now we can enter all the details we want and this is where that year of tagging my customer accounts is going to pay off.

If I wanted to do it on the mobile app, I can either go to the add section and create a list or I can tap on the lists section and then tap on the plus. Both of them will accomplish the same thing and allow me to also create a custom list from the mobile application.

Our first step is to give our list of name. So we'll call it the Summer Sizzler promo June 2021. We have to provide an end date, now we'll go for June 30th because that's when our promotion ends. Now we have to choose who we want this list to apply to, we'll go customers, prospects, and downline.

However, it's good to know that if we wanted to make a list of all of our prospects, we could. Now this is where those tags come in handy. We're going to type in our Summer Sizzler promo tag, choose it and then as we can see, along the bottom, 23 people are going to be added. Let's click save. We did it. We created our custom list for our Summer Sizzler promo for June 2021.

Penny Create Custom List For ALL

Using Custom Lists

If we look up towards the top right we can see that it's added 23 contacts, that it ends on June 30th and that there are 62 days left. So we've got a really good handle on how long we've got to use this, and it's going to help drive a sense of urgency.

You can always see our custom lists here in the Custom List section.

But another amazing feature is that once you create them, they will also show up in the Daily, which is one of the reasons we have to put an expiry date on them.

We don't want your Daily to get clogged up with too many. So let's get to work.

The whole point of this list is to start messaging these people and telling them about our Summer Sizzler promo, but you know, that's a lot of messages to send. So I have an idea for a way that we can make this even easier and that's by creating some custom content.

Custom Content

Now for the purposes of this video, I went ahead and I created two pieces of content, Summer Sizzler message one and Summer Sizzler message two.

I'm going to send them a couple of weeks apart since every task in Penny is about communication, creating content to go with specific tasks is a real game changer. Let me show you how it works.

We're heading back to our Custom Lists now. I want to start with my customer, Amy, she's one of my oldest customers and I want to make sure she's the first to know.

So I click on her, now as always, I have the option to mark this task as complete, remove or reschedule, and then all the ways I can communicate.

As you can see, I have an Instagram account for Amy, but I'm going to head down to Content because of the Summer Sizzler scripts that I created. So I'm going to choose message one. It's going to pop it open and give me the option to do a little customization. It's all about rapport folks, nobody wants to get messaged from a mailing list.

So now that we've customized a little bit with Amy's name, we're just going to scroll down just a touch and click on Instagram to begin the communication process.

Penny is going to help fully open up Instagram for us and then all we need to do is right-click and paste in that message that Penny copied over to our clipboard. The last thing to do is to click send. Once we have sent this message. We're going to head back to Penny to close out this task. 

Penny Create Content For ALL

Tracking Promo Interaction

Once we're back in Penny, you'll notice that Penny has automatically placed a Pending tag to let us know that we sent a message as well as telling us exactly what content we sent. As soon as we close the task, Penny as always is generating the next task. I think two weeks is good to reach out with message number two.

And I'm just going to leave myself a quick note to remind myself that I've already sent message number one. Okay, that takes care of Amy. Let's save this and let's do another one just to really make sure we get a grip on this. All right. So we've taken care of Amy.

Let's click on Hannah. As you can see, we do have her Facebook messenger contact, but we're going to head down to content and we're going to choose our summer Sizzler message one. Let's do it. There we go.

Now we'll do a little bit of customization, we'll just replace "Hey there" with "Hey Hannah" and how we can simply click on messenger to pop open Facebook messenger and paste this message in. I love this helpful feature in Penny.

She just automatically opens up Facebook messenger for me and all I need to do is go down into the text field, right click and paste that content that Penny has automatically copied to my clipboard.

There it is. The last thing I need to do is tap send. Once we send that, we're just going to head back to Penny and as we can see, there's a pending tag on Hannah as well as a tag telling us what content we sent to her.


Ongoing Promotion Follow Ups

Let's complete this task and again, we're going to schedule a follow-up for her in two weeks and leave that note, just reminding us that we sent message one.

That way, when the followup pops up, we're going to know what it's about and we're going to remember to send message two. Take a look up in the right, you can see that we've completed 8% of the tasks associated with this list.

Okay. Let's run through this all on mobile. Created our list on desktop. We'll just wait for it to pop into the mobile application.

There it is! Let's get to work. As a reminder, custom lists that you've created are found in the list section of the mobile app, which is also where you can go to create them.

Penny Golden Reachout In Daily First Script For ALL

Customization and Ongoing Promotion Outreach

Let's open up our Summer Sizzler promo, and we'll open up the very first contact, which is Emily. I want to do something a little different and check out Emily's Instagram profile so that we can maybe get something to talk to her about. So we're going to go in, there we go. We just tapped on Instagram and it opened up her profile.

Ooh, look at that cool surfboard picture. That gives me something to talk about for sure.

All right, back to Penny. Now we'll close the profile, which is going to take us back to the list tasks that we had. And now we're going to share content. Of course, we'll use our Summer Sizzler message one.

Now we can do some customization based on that cool surfboard picture that we just saw on Emily's Instagram. It's all about rapport folks. You know, showing people that you're interested in their life, that you care about what's going on in their day to day is really important.

You know, I like to do that genuinely with all of my friends. But hey, if we're looking to build long lasting valuable relationships, this is always a great place to start.

So there we go. “Love that surfboard pic on Instagram.” I'm feeling good about that so now we choose how we want to send it. It's going to open up Instagram for us in three, two, one. There we go. All right, there's her profile. We just pop in now at same as the desktop version, we're just going to paste that content in Penny automatically copied it to my iPhone clipboard.

That's it. As you can see up at the top, it said Pending. Now we can go in and mark it as complete, schedule a follow-up, add notes and tags we'll put in our customary, you know, sent her a message.

So that when this followup pops up in the daily, I noticed send her message M2 for our promo and that's it.

I hope you found this helpful everybody. We talked about how you can run promotions with Penny and with an assistant like Penny every day is a big day.

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