The Evolution of Onboarding

The biggest opportunity to accelerate seller success and reduce churn.

The field is spending more time figuring out what to do than actually getting down to work.

of sellers choose to do their own research or follow an upline’s plan over corporate’s current onboarding process.
of corporate say better training, onboarding and mentorship is the greatest opportunity to reduce consultant churn.
of corporate think their current onboarding process puts off the field.
We asked field consultants:
What do you wish was included in your onboarding when you first started your business?
More about the development of the company, let me have a very clear direction of development
How to communicate and keep in touch with people for a long time
Basic knowledge of product sales
Customer psychology
Communication skills
Marketing strategy and brand positioning
How to communicate effectively
Understand product and customer needs quickly in training
What income producing activities are and how to do them
Updated systems, not old school
Help with language for reaching out to people
More mindset support and practical steps for what to actually do to get a customer

The way adults learn has changed

Our attention spans have shrunk and our lives are busier than ever. To learn we need relevant, in-the-moment training and insights that give us immediate results.



A Content Management System
A minefield.
  • All the information.
  • One size fits all.
  • Outside of tools.
  • Overwhelming.
  • Unpersonalized.
  • Unresponsive.
  • Leaders left to fill in gaps.
  • No guarantee it’s completed.



A Learning

Information + Testing
A chore.
  • Repeatable.
  • Success metrics.
  • Easily updated.
  • Alerts.
  • Outside of working environment.
  • Unpersonalized.

In the flow

In the flow

A Relevant

Information + Retention + Application + Insights
An experience.
  • Personalized.
  • Relevant.
  • Adaptable.
  • In the flow of work.
  • Where work’s done.
  • Milestones.
  • Customizable.
  • Repeatable.
  • Success metrics.
  • Real time solutions.

Set your sellers up for success

Delivering onboarding in the way adults learn exponentially increases skill development and retention.
Here’s how the evolution of onboarding is accelerating the journey to direct sales success.

Map out your onboarding process

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Learn While Doing

Deliver onboarding the way adults learn best
Prepping The Rocket
Prepping The Rocket


In order for learning to work, it must be effective, relevant, just enough, and just in time. These principles of learning are essential for adult learners and critical for any learner short on time and attention. Let’s be honest, that’s most of us. These learning challenges are especially significant for learners who are juggling multiple roles, multiple contexts, and multiple demands – cue new Direct Seller.

Learning in the flow of work with bite-sized learning relevant to the task at hand is the most effective way to enable learners to immediately apply new knowledge and skills and increase their performance.”

Lauren Mason Carris

Lauren Mason Carris Linkedin Link
VP of product and Learning
Design, Penny AI

Learn while doing


The field identifies their greatest challenges as a lack of skills.

Astronauts To The Moon

The field has the appetite to learn

So why are they stumbling? The resources are there. The appetite is there.

Assessing the resources available and how the field interacts with them it became clear — The current onboarding processes and systems are not fit for purpose for how adults learn.

With traditional systems, sellers have to complete training before they can start seeing results. But most sellers have limited time and an immediate desire to get going.

Our solutions have evolved to support this growth

Insert the learning technology into the tools sellers use to run their business:

  • Saving time
  • Reducing the amount of tools
  • Promoting learning alongside results
  • Providing immediate solutions to immediate problems
  • Knowing what to say
  • Knowing how to use social media to make sales
  • Knowing who to reach out to
  • Knowing how to keep track of their customers
Astronaut Centrifuge

Habit Creation

Build positive learning and working habits for sustainable, consistent growth.

Astronaut Centrifuge
Habit Creation


Respondents to the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report identified the top challenges sellers face on a daily basis that results in a high level of seller churn. In particular, the field cites self-doubt and not knowing what to do.

Suit Up

To combat churn, new learning solutions focus on behavioral research, data, and insights to help users build routine habits. Delivering experiences with predictable patterns, familiar interfaces, and functionality that users have come to expect in other mobile content experiences helps train users to repeat the same behavior patterns that turns learning into positive habits.

It removes the guesswork, the planning time, and the need for big time investments for learning that competes with the attention and brain power of users in the flow of their work.

Two-way communication

Set up a pattern for success. The field comes to corporate with problems, ideas and opportunities. Corporate responds with solutions, training and information.

Moon To Earth Communication

Two-Way communication



What level of visibility do you have on your distributors?

Corporate respondents say:


  • Customer orders
  • Sales
  • Close to rank advance
  • Time spent on platforms
  • Upward/downward movement in business growth
  • Size of downline


  • Consultant wellness, mindset
  • Time to first and consecutive sales
  • What leads to prospecting success
  • Size of consultant network
  • The time it takes to onboard new consultants
  • Customer sentiment towards consultant and brand
  • Digital aptitude, comfort with available tools

To gain greater visibility within the field, new onboarding programs bake in two-way communication.
Specific triggers will ‘Push’ information to the field while others ‘Pull’. By developing a consistent cadence and providing results in return, corporate will have more data than ever before on how the field is not only performing, but feeling so organizations can get ahead of rising issues.


Unlock Leaders’ Time

Give leaders back their time to do what they do best and mentor rising stars and support team members who are struggling.

Unlock Leaders’ time



of Corporate think their current onboarding process puts off the field.

Top Leaders take the initiative to train their team because they know that the current onboarding system is often overwhelming and ineffectual.


This creates challenges for everyone:

  • Corporate has no clear idea on what the field is learning
  • Leaders spend more time creating training content than coaching their field
  • The field sometimes learns outdated sales skills or off-brand messaging

Providing an onboarding system that leaders can trust solves all these problems and allows leaders to support the field.

Astronaut On The Moon

Compliance Baked into Success

Turn compliance into a positive! Show how compliance increases customer confidence, boosts brand perception and ultimately leads to more sales.

All Systems Go


With regulatory agencies continuing to crack down on income, product and health claims, direct sellers need to prioritize compliance more than ever. If infractions persist, not only will the industry’s reputation suffer immense damage but many companies will not survive the regulatory penalties.

That’s why now is the time to focus on compliance education and monitoring. Teaching the field about what to say in order to be effective while providing ways to not only catch improper claims after they go out but before they ever happen is the key.

If we put our efforts in this direction, field members as well as the companies they represent and the direct sales industry as a whole will flourish.”

Jonathan Gilliam Astronaut

Jonathan Gilliam Linkedin Link
CEO & Founder,
Momentum Factor

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