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A smart personal assistant helping consultants build rewarding business and  the life they want 

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The data-driven, sales enablement platform built for direct sales success

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Meet Penny

Your super-smart personal assistant

Penny organizes each day making it simple to run the business with confidence. Handing the daily list of activities, organizing your content, ensuring that your customers have an amazing experience and freeing up time for the things you like to do.

If you are building a direct sales business, you need Penny.

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Direct Sales Consultant leaving the house
Lead Your Team
Direct Sales Consultant working at home
Master Direct Sales

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Exceptional Experience Consultants and Leaders Demand
“Simple, streamlined and the perfect assistant for my business!! I cannot imagine NOT having this now”

Scale Across Enterprise

The data-driven sales enablement platform
Insulate the field from your
digital transformation disruption
Understand field performance and trends
Increase consultant-led
customer service
Deliver exceptional field experience in weeks, not years

Our Story

Direct sales is in our DNA

Penny was created to solve a problem. Penny’s CEO David witnessed first hand his wife’s Terri Lynn’s struggle to effectively manage her time, organize her daily activity and provide amazing customer service… all while raising three children. One afternoon she jokingly said “I need an assistant to organize my life and tell me what to do!”… which gave David the idea.


Commitment to Your Success

Brilliant people + Enterprise expertise

Best-in-class support
Live training and onboarding
On-demand tutorials
Direct Sales best practices

Proof-of-concept programs
Global account & site configuration
Enterprise Change Management
Integration consulting

Penny Enterprise

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Discover how to turn a data-driven, sales enablement platform into your competitive advantage.
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