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Learning & Onboarding

Empower your field with engagement-based micro-learning
Learning Solutions Reduce Churn
Reduce Consultant Churn
Learning Solutions Faster Sales
Faster Time To Sale
Learning Solutions Continuous Learning
Provide Continuous Learning

A science-driven learning experience

  • Developed using the latest research in behavioral, learning and brain studies
  • Purpose-built and validated by social sellers, driven by user research, data and insights
  • 99% of sellers who complete the Penny Learning Modules give it a thumbs up 👍

Learning Solutions Learning Experience

Learning Solutions Flow Of Work

In the flow of work

  • Actionable outcomes for each micro-module, build the knowledge and skills to succeed
  • Gamification and micro-assessments reward positive habits and maximize retention

“I would use this for all my new team members. It’s great for learning the sales process, taking action, and motivating people to stick with it. It also gives concrete talking points your upline can help address”

– Jenny, Team Leader and Penny User

Learning Solutions Learning Content

Best-in-class social selling curriculum

  • Micro-learning modules, developed by top industry experts, validated by the field and user experience research
  • Customized learning paths with self-directed navigation, bite-sized format, intuitive taps and swipes

Partner content and insights

  • Custom content (products, compliance, best practices) converted into the optimal learning format
  • Impact data, learner assessments and performance insights

Learning Solutions Content And Insights

The Next Generation of Onboarding
and Continuous Learning


  • One-size fits all
  • Overwhelming
  • Outside of business tools
  • Quickly outdated
  • No retention or completion data

Learning Management System

  • Easily updated
  • Outside of working environment
  • No personalization and low relevance
  • Disengaging and decontextualized
  • Focus on Completion metrics
  • Configurable pathways

In The Flow of Work Learning

  • Relevant, engaging, gamified
  • Delivered in the flow of work, right in Penny
  • Actionable outcome per module
  • Personalized over time based on user behavior data and goals
  • Performance insights & learner analytics

Education from the experts

Leverage best-practices and ideas from top industry experts, from short how-to videos, to worksheets to inspiring life stories.

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