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Penny Referral Bonus Program

$100 for initial referral and another $100 after the meeting. ✨


Imagine Penny where you can see your customer information, order history, corporate content and your team or downline. You can have all this and more if your company partners with Penny.



The Penny app you love, without manual set up!

Here's what you'll see when your company partners with Penny

You’re using Penny and you’re loving it! 💜

But did you know there’s a version of Penny that connects to your company’s back office? 

Screen Mockups Integrated

Imagine Penny where you can see your customer information, order history, corporate content and your team or downline. You can have all this at your fingertips and more if your company partners with Penny.  


Refer Penny with a quick intro email to your corporate team (Sales or Field Enablement) and get a $100 referral bonus. If your corporate team agrees to meet with the Penny team you get a second referral bonus.

Penny Partnership, how does it make your business thrive?

No more manually adding customers

With Penny Partnership, your Penny account is connected to your company’s back office account so all your customer information is TRULY in one place. 🎉

Penny Essential Penny Thrive Penny Partnership
Your customer information synced in Penny  
Your customer order information synced in Penny  
Manage your team members in Penny  
Track your team’s activity in Penny  
Unlimited contacts    
Unlimited scripts and templates    

Does your company know about Penny? 

Get a $100 referral bonus when you refer Penny and a second referral bonus if your company meets with Penny.

Refer your Company

Penny Interface: The Daily

Resources, promotions, templates and more at your fingertips

With Penny Partnership you can see your product catalogue, exclusive deals and recommended templates right in Penny, so you can use them to inspire your reach outs and connections.

Penny Essential & Thrive Penny Partnership
Company product information, resources and content  
Company deals and seasonal promos as part of Penny campaigns  
Penny exclusive deals built for power hours and corporate campaigns  
Recommended scripts and templates from your company and top leaders  

Supercharge your business with Penny

Your company is unique! When your company partners with Penny, we help prioritize activities that support your unique business goals. Here are a few things we’ve partnered on:
Illustrations ContactSync
Automatic Customer Sync
In a few clicks all of your customers are in Penny, along with their information and order history.
Illustrations BusinessInsight
Business Insights
Get an overview of how your business is performing with clear recommended actions to help you reach your next goal.
Illustrations Trophy
Competitions & Power Weeks
You get to compete with your team, win awesome prizes, corporate promotions, social shout outs and more.


It’s not all different! The things that you love about Penny stay the same, and some get even better!
ThriveToEnterprise Similarities1
Customer Support
The same Penny customer support team you love, now available 24/7.
ThriveToEnterprise Similarities2
Even more training options for you and your team to learn how to use Penny to reach your business goals.
ThriveToEnterprise Similarities3
Learning & Onboarding
Connecting learning with action, your favorite learning modules are readily available.

Refer your Company


Draft an email to your corporate team (someone in Sales or Field Enablement)*

  • Mention how Penny benefits your business and how connecting Penny to your backoffice would benefit you and the team.
  • Include the Penny website link for their reference – 


CC a Penny Expert:

* What if you don’t know anyone in corporate, but still want to make a referral? Just send an email to – Subject line “Penny referral” and we’ll guide you through other options.


Press send! We’ll take it from there and reach out to your corporate contact to tell them more about Penny. 

The Best Part

We will send you your first referral bonus of $100 and ask you more questions about why you love Penny. 💜
If your company meets with Penny you’ll get a second referral bonus of another $100


Appreciate Your Customers