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About Penny

Where every day is a big day ✨

Creating the world's most authentic buying experience between influencers, their followers, and brands.

Our Story

To fully understand the power of Penny, we need to go back to the beginning, to long before the idea of Penny ever came to be. But if you want the highlight reel…

When David Abbey, CEO and co-founder’s wife, Terri Lynn, started her social selling business she rapidly saw amazing success.

David And Terri Lynn

But as her business grew Terri Lynn struggled to provide her former level of customer service and look after her team as she wanted.

A Personal Assistant

What she needed was more time. She longed for a tool that could manage her sales outreach and deliver an incredible customer experience.

Terri Lynn Workin Hard

After a brainstorming session with Chris Noble, Penny CTO and Co-Founder... Penny was created.

David And Chris

Fast forward to today, our team continues to create the world's most authentic buying experience. Penny is the app of choice for tens of thousands of social sellers around the world, as they say goodbye to spreadsheets and notebooks and entrust their business to Penny—the sales enablement tool built for social selling success.

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We 💜 our Team

Penny people love doughnuts and dogs, some like cats and coffee.
(Actually, I think we all like coffee!)

Lots of us have very smart sounding degrees, an alarming proportion of us have interesting side hustles and hobbies, most of us are awful at trivia (some of us are annoyingly good at trivia), overall we’re a pretty humble bunch who love working hard every day (well not on the weekend… that’s for dog walking and family time) to create the best app we can to support and transform the social selling industry.

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds from across the globe. With each new addition to the team we learn something new and Penny only gets better.


David Abbey

CEO & Co-Founder


“Every day is a big day” is the mantra of David Abbey, CEO and Co-Founder of Penny.

An entrepreneur at heart, David founded his first business in 2003. Known for laser focus on the customer experience, David zeroes in on industry gaps, identifies opportunities, creates strategic partnerships and fosters incredible culture and growth within companies.

In 2018, David, alongside co-founder, Chris Noble, developed Penny AI to help millions of direct sales consultants, just like David’s wife, build, develop and grow sustainable Direct Sales businesses so they have more time to focus on what matters most.

Fun Fact

David has sailed across the Atlantic from London to the Caribbean.

Chris F210217 2 R2 X

Chris Noble

CTO & Co-Founder


Chris Noble, CTO and Co-Founder of Penny AI, has led tech innovation in companies for the last decade. A seasoned entrepreneur, Chris’ software engineering journey started with two iPhone apps in 2009, which reached the top ten list in their respective categories.

Combining impeccably high standards with creative flare, Chris has led tech teams at companies like Hootsuite and Allay Inc, driving the teams to perform beyond industry standards.

Chris’ leadership, technical knowledge and experience made Penny an instant success for direct sales consultants in the industry. Using AI, workflow automation and machine learning, Chris is constantly thinking of ways to improve lives through technology.

Fun Fact

Chris has, in his own words, the ‘nerdiest tattoo’ which is a set of equations on his calf.

Another Fun Fact: Chris is a volunteer firefighter.


Andrew Draper

Head of Innovation


Designer, developer, and entrepreneur, Andrew Draper, Head of Innovation, is the first to say yes to an impossible task. At Penny, Andrew pursues his passion for innovating tech solutions.

Over the years Andrew has built several successful products and founded multiple product-based companies focused on building exceptional experiences and reducing churn.

In the early days of Penny, Andrew was a cornerstone of building the brand and initial Penny customer acquisition strategy as he worked with Terri Lynn Abbey (the initial inspiration for the app) to truly understand what network marketers need.

Fun Fact

Andrew loves nothing more than hitting the trails with his mountain bike.

Maria Osipova

Maria Osipova



Known for building exceptional digital experiences that deliver customer value, Maria Osipova, CMO joined Penny AI to create a brand that enables every consultant to succeed, grow their business and create a happy well-balanced life.

Having spent over 20 years driving growth in tech and SaaS businesses, Maria is known for building high-performing teams, engineering repeatable processes and creating exceptional customer journeys.

Maria thrives in high-growth environments and brings determination, passion and creativity to drive companies with incredible ideas to market success.

Fun Fact

Maria is an avid Muay Thai student and has run 6 half and 1 full marathons!


Matt Fraser



Renowned for his ability to scale and optimize businesses across a wide range of experience-driven sectors (hospitality, consulting, sport, etc.), Matt Fraser, COO, is an experienced leader building out Penny as a global, diverse, culture-driven enterprise. Skilled in negotiation, business planning, operations management, coaching and sales, Matt works across Penny’s departments to ensure everyone is achieving their greatest potential.

Demonstrated across executive and board level roles in high growth startups, Matt built upon his London Business School MBA and possesses a successful track record of leading industry defining businesses to explosive growth.

As a strong proponent of culture based on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Matt is an active member of Penny’s DIB committee.

Fun Fact

Matt loves skiing and mountain biking and will try to get everyone to move to Squamish.


Mark Hughes

VP of Business Development


Mark Hughes, VP of Business Development, is on a mission to help leading direct selling companies make their field exceptional. With over 30 years of experience, he is a passionate, go-to-market sales executive with extensive knowledge surrounding building, improving and accelerating sales teams and processes.

Before joining Penny, Mark spent over a decade working with direct sales companies to innovate global inbound and outbound payments for the field. Mark believes there’s often more to learn in your losses than your wins.

Fun Fact

Mark is an avid trail runner and has saved multiple stranded hikers on the north shore mountains.


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Social selling is global, so Penny is too.

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