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Global adoption and field success

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“We know the success of the Field is critical. That’s why our Partner Success and Field Enablement teams are dedicated to ensuring your field leverages Penny as a tool to drive growth. We’re here to empower the Field, give them the tools to see success and align Penny with your company-wide initiatives. The Field Enablement team is an extension of the Partner Success team, and will work closely with you to define what makes your field unique, and develop a strategy for a successful launch and ongoing adoption.”
– Amy Villarreal, Director of Partner Success

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Bespoke Integration & Configuration

Penny’s integration teams work with you to deliver a configurable solution that’s bespoke to your organization’s needs and technology environment.

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Technology scoping and integration with your back office, ERP and other systems

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Dedicated technical implementation and development teams throughout the integration phase

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Phased implementation –
Beta testing, user feedback and proof of concept programs

A team dedicated to your Launch and Rollout

Together we’ll establish key success metrics and devise launch plans for your corporate stakeholders, leaders and field. During rollout we’ll foster excitement and engagement to kickstart long-term adoption.

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Success milestones – establishing metrics and strategies to achieve your goals, maximizing field-wide adoption and impact on key business initiatives

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Field launch events orchestration – implementation project plans, supporting resources, campaign strategies and templates

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User activation programs – platform onboarding training, best practices training, “Train the trainer” programs, on-demand training resources

Expert Change Management and Global Adoption Practice

Your success manager and lifecycle team will work with you to ensure field-wide adoption across your global markets.

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Phased rollout support across teams and regions

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Leader engagement strategies – top performer recognition and enablement programs

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User activation strategies – focusing on business building tactics and best practice in-flow activities

Continuous momentum to boost Growth and Field Engagement

Your Partner Success team will provide ongoing support. Sharing strategies for campaigns, product introductions and seller acceleration, we’ll work together to keep building momentum.

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Campaign and product promotion strategies

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Programs to train and upskill new sellers

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Event support
and partnerships

Turn a data-driven, sales enablement platform into your competitive advantage.