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All your contacts in one place

✓ Organize the chaos.

Unlimited Contacts

Load all your contacts from your notebook, your phone and your social media accounts. Keep everyone in one place with all their information at your fingertips.

Propsecting Funnel

Manage your whole business in one place

Get Started

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Add & Update Contacts from Social Media

While you browse Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn update and add contacts directly into Penny.

ProspectingEmail 1@3x

Contact details, birthday, notes and past activity

Contact Profile Cards

A place to store all your contact details for speedy access and easily updatable.

Unlimited ways to organize

Create your own contact tags to quickly search and sort your contacts.

Organize by Favorite products, contact status, etc

FeaturesContactManagement CLickConnection

One Click, Connection

Manage your business in Penny, connect where your customers like to talk.

Bulk Update

Cut your administration time in half – Update multiple contacts at once!

Add notes and tags

Start organizing your contacts for FREE!

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