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Corporate Solutions

The Social Sales
Enablement Platform

Purpose-built to empower the modern social seller

Power your growth

Enable social sellers to build new connections,
foster relationships and grow their funnel

Drive new customer orders and build a funnel with
AI-driven prospecting

  • Power authentic relationship building with smart prospecting funnels and follow up cycles
  • Enable one-click contact adding from social networks, as well as planning follow-ups and adding details with the Penny+ extension
  • Set up communication-based tasks and scripts to enable conversations that work

Illustration of a contact card in Penny showig a hot prospect

Illustration of a machine that sorts contacts for follow-up, check-in and reconnect tasks

Increase reconnect revenue with the Automated Customer Care Cycle

  • Define repeatable behaviours leading to incredible customer experience
  • Streamline contact management across networks and devices

Get visibility into strategies that drive your field to success

  • Understand what content sellers are sharing & who are they sharing it with?
  • Discover what field behaviours maximize success
  • Identity trends leading to top performance

Analyze content, scripts and promotions effectiveness

Illustration of a woman following dance steps on a chart

Empower leaders to build duplicatable processes, setting up new sellers for success

  • Create a library of best scripts, videos and resources and see what content works best
  • Provide duplicatable processes via automated workflows that maximize business-building activities
  • Accelerate time to first order and reduce seller churn

See your sales grow and field churn decrease

Reconnect revenue
• Increase in reconnect tasks
• Order volume increase
• Increase in repeat orders
New customer revenue
• Increase in new customers
• Increase in second orders
• Order size and volume growth
Churn reduction
• Reduce new consultant time-to-sale
• Reduce new seller churn
• Accelerate rank advancement

Global implementation and adoption

Partnering for success every step of the way

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Activation of Customers Icon
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• Launch Event
• Penny training
• Leader Engagement

Activation: Customers

• Focus on reconnect revenue
• Tasks completion

Activation: New Business

• Increase Customers
• Increase New Business

New Consultant & Geo Expansion

• New consultant onboarding programs & scripts

Deliver an exceptional customer experience and measurable sales growth with Penny

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“I absolutely love Penny! It helps me stay organized and on track. It helps me reconnect with people that I had totally lost touch with. I would be lost without Penny.”

– Heather Allen, Truvy

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