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Corporate Solutions

Digital Transformation

Insulate the field from disruption and deliver measurable results

  • Improve field performance
  • Progress infrastructure & IT projects
  • Provide a seamless experience
  • Attract the next generation of sellers

Penny Team Care

Transformation is needed, the time is now

See real results with Penny

Identified transitioning to digital only interactions as a major challenge*
Identified access to sufficient tools for social selling as a major challenge*
Identified a lack of consultant professional development contributed to churn*

*% of respondents from 2021 Global Direct Sales Industry Benchmark survey

Be Digital First Across Every Channel

Digital transformation is inevitable. It’s also complex, expensive and it disrupts the field experience. Penny alleviates this pain.
Unite The Field’s Digital Experience
Improve field performance with a single app fulfilling all the field’s needs.
Insulate Key IT initiatives
Progress infrastructure and IT projects faster by insulating them behind the unified app interface.
Future-proof Field Expansion
Provide a seamless experience, attracting the next generation of consultants.

Unite The Field’s Digital Experience

Immediate Challenges

Field dissatisfaction with outdated tools and disjointed corporate and personal solutions.

Inconsistent customer experience eroding your brand value.

No single source of truth for consultant and customer data.


One intuitive app for the field

Automate order cycles and product recommendations

Insulate Key IT initiatives

Immediate Challenges

Infrastructure modernization projects take years to complete but the field needs a solution now.

Field disruption every time new systems introduce changes.


Free up time to focus on back office priorities

Create one familiar experience with a consistent UI

Future-proof Field Expansion

Immediate Challenges

Need to attract the next generation of direct sellers.

Churn rates and field retention impacted by inconsistent onboarding and lack of support.

Difficulties cultivating excitement and engagement within teams in digital-first environments.


A digital environment for your field to thrive

Empower the field with AI-driven contact management across all social networks and devices

What does Penny look like for the Field

Penny delivers the simple and modern experience your field demands, deployed quickly and integrated seamlessly into your existing platforms.

Use AI and Business Intelligence
to solve your challenges