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  • Know what to do
  • Know what to say
  • Know what’s happening in your business


Do the Daily. See Results.
  • An auto-generated daily to-do list
  • Prioritizing your time sensitive tasks
  • So you can manage your whole business from one screen

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Keep all your contact information in one place
  • Use detailed contact profile cards, including – order history, social links, notes, birthday, local weather
  • Organize your contacts with custom tags
  • Sort your contacts into prospects, customers and team mates

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Never lose track of a customer again
  • Penny automates tasks for every stage of the customer journey
  • Make use of pre-set ‘Thank you’ tasks
  • Keep the relationships going with ‘Reconnect’ tasks

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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up (or so we’ve heard!)
  • Categorize your contacts
  • Utilize automated follow-up reminders
  • Keep all your customer notes in Penny
  • Build relationships with Penny’s reminders

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& Content

Know what to say and what to send
  • Use pre-saved script templates
  • Speed up messaging by using the Content library
  • Share your best scripts with your team

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Organize contacts even further
  • Tag your contacts
  • Create custom lists based on likes and dislikes
  • Organize your contacts for events and product promos

Learn more about the Custom Lists

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Support your team to reach their goals
  • Track your team’s activity
  • Celebrate team wins
  • Support rising stars and slipping sellers
  • Share top performing scripts and content

Learn more about Team care

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Features 💜

Keep all your contact information in one place

  • Mobile + Web app
  • IOS & Android
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Languages Available:
    English, Dutch, French,
    Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Import
  • Contact Filtering
  • Custom Tags
  • Order tracking
  • Recommended Carts
  • Multi-message SMS

Delight your customers

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Penny creates tasks for every stage of your customer journey.
Reach Out To Customers

Your very first task for reaching out to a new prospect. Good luck!

Follow Up With Customers

Keep building your relationships to learn more about your customer and their pain points.

Appreciate Your Customers

Woo! They placed an order. Check everything is in order and say thanks!

Connect With Your Customers

Has their order been delivered? Find out if they like the products.

Reconnect With Customers

Check back in, continue building relationships and place another order.

5 Stars

Loved by 100,000+ Consultants

“I no longer sit down to work and think “ok what do I need to do”. I go straight to Penny and get to work!”

– Jaime W.

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