What are the critical initiatives for 2021?

Universal initiatives Complex Simple Niche initiatives Retention -instant pay More diverse communications Hybrid events -virtual and in person Digitalonboarding Virtualprospecting Digital training for all levels of consultants Rewardingconsistency of solid performances Digital transformation Social contribution Non-profit fundraising Healthier work-lifebalance Rebranding Improving consultant mental health services Sustainability for the planet Humanized growth and values to touch the heart Quickdelivery One clickshop Protected salestransactions Virtual events Digital transformation Regulatorycompliance Inventory of current tools Social media policies Agile working to respond tounpredictablility Cloud transformation Crypto/dynamic forms of pay AI Data analysis Digital transformation Delivering new technology Streamlinedigital tools


Innovation category


Vertical axis

Niche to Universal

Horizontal axis

Scope complexity: Simple to Complex

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