What will break in the next year if it doesn’t change?

2022 is here and it’s time to move forward. The pandemic isn’t over, but reactionary pivoting is. The way people conduct business has changed and people’s priorities have shifted. It’s time to safeguard the industry by investing in the field and giving them what they need to succeed.

What does the future hold? Based on the survey results of over 400 corporate leaders, field leaders and direct sellers, we’ve analysed the responses and drawn out the top trends that would guarantee success for both corporate and the field.

Overwhelmingly, respondents identified that if the out-dated perception of the industry doesn’t improve, then the direct sales industry is going to break.

The virality of social media, the prolificity of fake news, and tools enabling mass practices have left the direct sales reputation at a tipping point.

Reputation management might seem like a marketing problem. But, in reality, it’s the responsibility of every single department to look at how they can contribute to safeguarding the industry.

In this year’s 2022 Penny Direct Sales Trends Report we look at how the key trends can both facilitate the advancement the industry needs to continue seeing growth, but also how they can be utilized as part of a strategic effort to improve the industry’s reputation.
For, when it comes to the reputation of the industry, it affects all of us.

Explore the survey results, the upcoming trends and the data analysis to back it up.

David Abbey Photo
David Abbey
CEO & Co-Founder

To create this report we gathered data from:

Field, Leaders and Corporate
Different Companies
Experience ranging from less than 1 to over 10 years.

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