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Truvy partners with Penny to transform customer experience across global markets

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Accelerating sales and enrolments within 3 months of launch

VANCOUVER, BC - Penny, a global leader in data-driven sales enablement solutions for direct sales, is excited to announce that Truvy, a leading health and wellness company, has selected Penny as part of Truvy’s digital-first strategy to streamline customer outreach, care and content into a single intuitive solution for the field. 

Truvy is a health and nutrition company that encourages people to live healthier lives by offering proper nutritional supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Providing the highest quality products for health and weight management on the market, Truvy helps people change their lives not only through the products but through transformation programmes and business opportunities.

As part of Truvy’s goal to accelerate sales, Truvy searched for a tool the field could leverage to connect with customers while giving Truvy more data on the buying habits and needs of customers. The software also needed to connect to Truvy’s back office.

Rodger Smith, CEO and Founder of Direct Scale said, “Truvy needed an easy to use, company-wide digital solution that synced with their independent business owners’ social networks and messaging platforms. It also had to be connected with their DirectScale back office data to improve the experience. Penny checked all the boxes and was easy to integrate!”

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After a 3 month Penny pilot program before launching globally, Truvy associates increased their enrollments by 60%. Using Penny, AI-powered, workflow automation guided the field’s provision of best in class customer service to achieve this success and more.

“At Truvy, we pride ourselves on being the best direct sales company to work for, and that means providing our associates with the best tools to succeed. That’s what we found at Penny — the app our associates love and partner focused on field success from day one,” says Derrick Raynes, CSO of TruVision Health

Truvy Case Study

Transforming field

Derrick Raynes from Truvy

How Truvy increased individual associate revenue
by 38% in 3 months

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Derrick Raynes from Truvy

Penny is an AI-powered virtual assistant built from the ground up for the direct sales industry. The app is focused on customer-centric processes that help the field build and grow their businesses with simple, repeatable steps in small pockets of time. 

David Abbey, CEO & Co-Founder of Penny AI says, “I’m delighted that Truvy associates have already seen such tremendous success. Penny leverages data around outreach, customer interactions, performance levels and content efficiency to create a bespoke customer care cycle so that every customer gets a stellar experience when they choose to start their health and wellness journey with Truvy.”

Transforming the customer experience by empowering associates at every company and at every stage in their business, Penny is committed to being the tool of choice for the industry. 

Penny AI exponentially increases revenue by enabling and empowering direct sales field consultants and leaders. All while providing corporate teams with the data, insights and the pace of innovation for the digital-first future.

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The data-driven, AI-powered, social selling enablement platform for Direct Sales. 

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