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The interview process at Penny

Penny AI Careers

Searching for a new job can be stressful. We appreciate that behind every application is a real person and so throughout the entire process we promise to keep you informed and make sure you know what’s happening every step of the way. 

So you know what to expect at Penny we thought we’d give you a rundown of a typical applicant process. 

STEP 1 - The Application 

Applications can be daunting and when you’re applying for lots of jobs it’s often overwhelming the amount of time each application can take. We try to keep it straightforward. We ask that you fill out the application form on Workable with as much detail as possible. 

Please ensure you include a cover letter and resume/CV (we promise we do read them!).

For some jobs we might also ask for a portfolio: 

This is not a test or a trick, we just want to help build the picture of your skills and potential. If you don’t have a portfolio please let us know why so we can take that into consideration as well. 

STEP 2 - The Review

Good news! You don’t have to do anything at this stage. 

At Penny we’re committed to employing the best people for each job. We also want to hire a diverse workforce.

Our Head of Operations reviews the application separately to the recruiting team manager and then they select people, based upon skills that match what we are looking for, to move to the next stage.

By following this process each applicant is given an anonymous and objective qualification check making the process speedy yet thorough.

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STEP 3 - The Assessment 

If we think you’d be an awesome fit we’ll send you an online Bryq assessment. If we don’t think the position is quite right for you we will follow up with an email so we don’t leave you hanging. 

The Bryq assessment takes between 20 minutes - 60 minutes and it’s, dare I say it… fun! (Some people don’t like it… but we think it's fun!) It’s basically a simulated live chat with different fictional heads of departments. It’s designed to test you for cognitive skills and personality traits. (Do not be discouraged.) Everyone always does better than they think! 

We use this as a benchmark to get further insight into where your strengths lie and what might be your areas for improvement. Bryq also provides us with an Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN) indicator report so we get a better understanding of how you might work with the team.

The Bryq assessment is also part of our commitment to ensure an equitable hiring process for all candidates. It gives us a completely objective insight into your skills and personality to reduce the impact of unconscious bias. By participating in this process, you're contributing towards creating an inclusive and diverse work environment. 

Please note: If you require accommodation please reach out with your request to They will work with you to provide a solution. You can also change fonts or enable dark mode.

STEP 4 - The Culture Interview

If your Bryq assessment and your application combined paint a perfect Penny picture then we’ll invite you for an interview. Again, if the stars haven’t aligned this time we will make sure we let you know. 

The first interview is usually a culture interview. Before we do a deep dive into your skills, we want to get an idea of whether you'd enjoy working at Penny. This is also your chance to ask questions and get to know us! Remember - in interviews you’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you. 

We like to call this the Culture Add interview (not Culture fit) because we know that every new person adds a tonne to our culture. So we are looking to learn more about you and you to learn more about us.

This interview will be conducted by two of our Penny team members. They could be from any department. 

(Please note interviews take place using Google Meet.)

Lady On Phone Call

STEP 5 - The Skills Interview 

Woo!! You’re almost there! 

Again, if at the culture interview stage we decide to go in a different direction we will let you know. 

In this interview, we want to dive a little bit deeper into what’s on your resume/CV (and what’s not!). Come prepared to talk about your favourite projects to date, what projects you’re proud of and any ideas you have for Penny. 

This interview will normally be conducted by the Head of Operations and your potential new manager.  

STEP 6 - Reference Check

So close now! If we select you for the next stage then we'll be asking for your references as part of our hiring process. To help speed this step along, please do provide all necessary contact information when asked and make sure you let your referees know in advance that we will be contacting them.

Asking for references is part of a well-rounded hiring process so we can hear from someone who has worked with you before. It helps us understand a little bit more about your past achievements and accomplishments.

If we decide to not move forward to this stage we will let you know.

STEP 7 - Founder Chat

It may seem like a lot of steps but from Step 3 - 7 most of this happens within a few weeks!

David, CEO and Co-founder, and Chris, CTO and Co-founder are incredibly friendly and if you’ve made it this far one of them (or possibly both) will want to meet you. They pretty much just want to say hi and ask a couple of questions! 

Be prepared to chat about where you see yourself at Penny in five years’ time. 

STEP 8 - The Offer


We’ll send over an offer and then we can liaise on the details and your start date!

If we decide to go with someone else we know it’s disheartening after so many promising interviews, but if you’ve made it this far then you’d obviously be a good fit at Penny so please do apply again for other positions. 

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Finding a new job is stressful, if at any stage in the application process you have any questions please do reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help. 

We hope this blog gave you some insight into our hiring process!
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