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5 Ways Corporate Wins When Technology Wins

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About the author
As the former Director of Digital Marketing at Forever Living, Amy Villarreal, Senior Director of Account Success at Penny, has the inside scoop on direct sales success. Amy is passionate about transforming the direct sales industry with technology solutions that align with both corporate’s goals and the field's needs.

At Penny, I see first-hand what corporate deals with when it comes to creating business opportunities for its field. From marketing initiatives to promotions and bonuses, all the way to how to deliver meaningful data to help the field make decisions, companies have a lot to juggle. It's difficult to find the direct sales technology that solves all of a company's unique pain points.

Combine that with the opinions of thousands of people selling your products and building teams, and you have a recipe for a long, frustrating, over-budget project. We’re all just trying to do the right thing for the field and empower them to be the best. But sometimes, finding that solution can actually lead companies down the wrong path. As the Socrates saying goes, “Better do a little well, than a great deal badly.”

Every company wants a unique edge on its competitors and something to call its own. So, it’s common to see companies develop a homegrown app or tool. However, the saying “build it and they will come” is not necessarily true when it comes to technology. Most people are resistant to change. The technology must fit all the criteria the field is looking for, plus it must be insanely fast, super connected, and constantly updated. When a company can’t deliver on those needs, it quickly becomes a lost project and the field loses confidence in the company. 

To avoid disappointing the field and wasting time creating a technology they simply won’t use, it’s important to find the right partner to provide a proven technology solution. A good third party will support your business goals, be an expert and ambassador for your business, create connections with your field to understand their needs, and provide you with consistent and quality solutions. 

These are the five ways companies win when technology wins. 

Technology Investments See Actual ROI 

When direct sales technology is focused on solving a specific problem, whether that’s improving prospecting or delivering customized data, it’s much easier to see the return on investment. Either the technology directly impacts sales, makes conversions faster or more efficient, or increases the number of distributors in your business. If it’s not doing these things, then it’s not the right technology for achieving your goals.

Good technology will narrow in on your objectives and allow the data to speak for itself. Now, the ROI is plain to see and so the field knows that their profit increase is directly connected to the new technology.

The field is happy. You’re happy. And your technology has achieved a specific company goal.

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Innovation is the New Norm

Because the world changes so rapidly, being able to innovate quickly and effectively is fundamental for forward-thinking network marketing companies. Direct sellers want to be involved with companies that are quick to modernize and stay ahead of the curve. They want a company that’s willing to drive change to keep up with the pace of a technology-driven world. 

A “steady and stable” company no longer pulls on the heartstrings of someone looking to join a network marketing company. They want an innovative company that has a proven track record of helping its field succeed.

Sales Strategies Become More Duplicatable 

Again, good direct sales technology has focus. When your field can learn how to adopt the technology quickly, find a rhythm and build a process with it, then they can easily teach that to their downline. For corporate, your responsibility lies in letting your field do their thing. Supporting their way of building teams and selling products is the best way to see major success. 

So, when you provide them with technology that supports their processes and is easily adaptable to their routine, their success grows and so does yours. 

Field Distributors are More Engaged 

Technology is here to stay. The world is more connected than ever. A good network marketing company knows how to motivate their field and communicate through as many touchpoints as possible. When you adopt the right technology, it gives you the power to get even more connected. 

You’ll be able to reach more of your field, faster and provide the right content at the right time all while empowering them to be superior sales agents. With more information and better technology, the field will be more confident about sharing the products and the business opportunity with more people. 

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Operations Become Easier with Direct Sales Technology

Lastly, the right technology partner will help you build faster and more effective ways to do business. Rather than hindering your ability to evolve and innovate, a technology company that cares about your business will align your technology solution with your processes and the improvements you require most.

Whether it’s creating new functionality to track incentives better or discovering new ways to take data and deliver actionable features for the field, a superior technology partner knows how to elevate your business and can do it quickly. Thus, alleviating some of your pain points in figuring out how to make the field more successful. 

Becoming an innovative, field-first company is as simple as letting technology win. According to the Direct Selling Association, $35.2 billion in retail sales were generated from the network marketing industry in 2019. With the increase in online shopping and a global pandemic that has brought more people looking for online business opportunities, putting technology innovation at the top of the priority list is a no-brainer for 2021.  

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