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Podcast: Focusing on customer value

Maria Osipova Mind Your Marketing

Maria Osipova, VP of Marketing at Penny joined host Jordan Sheldon on the ‘Mind your Marketing’ podcast to discuss something that’s always top of mind for Penny team — focusing on customer value. 

Understanding Penny users, their lives, their needs and creating content and solutions that are truly valuable is a lens that the marketing team applies to every initiative. Maria is really passionate about creating exceptional customer journeys and has done it for the past 20 years in tech and SaaS businesses. In the podcast, Maria shares a number of ideas on how to drive value and build experiences. 

Maria Explores:

Below is a snapshot of Maria’s interview. To listen to the full interview check out Mind your Marketing

Go beyond the product to solve customer pains

Takeaway: What are the common concerns, questions, doubts, fears your customers have. What are their pain points? Do you have the knowledge to support them? Answer their questions to provide added value beyond the product.

So often people start a business, and they're passionate about a product or about its mission. And then they start to doubt themselves. Questioning, am I cut out for this? 

If these people find a resource like the Pennyverse they can see that Penny has their back. And that they’re not the only person who's asked this question before or felt this way. And hopefully, we can answer some of their questions and help them rediscover their former passion and so they can continue building their business.

Show that you genuinely care 

Takeaway: What can you do to show your customers that you care about them and their journey? What can you give them beyond the product and beyond information? Celebrate their successes? Share their wins? Show that you genuinely care.

We recently launched the Real Life of Direct Sellers on social. It invites anyone and everyone to submit a short video of their day-to-day life in network marketing.

The whole point is to remove the glamorous, show reel of social media and to inspire people to see that anyone can do it. So when we talk about value it's not just, ‘Hey, let me give you something that you could possibly pay for’ or ‘let me educate you’ but it’s showing that we care about the industry and all the unique people who make it what it is. 

We have another series called Penny Legends which is the total opposite. These are the crazy successful people. Also some of their struggles, if you read through the legends, like three-page conversation interview, it's crazy what they had to go through to achieve what they have in the business.

Alongside education we’re trying to elevate and celebrate the crazy successes, but also actually show what the people are really like in the industry. Hence Penny Legends and the Real Life of Direct Sellers offering both perspectives.

Understand the big picture 

Takeaway: Who is your customer? What else have they got going on in their lives? Can you support them in other aspects of their lives? Celebrate their achievements outside of your product? Entertain them when they're stressed? Support them during a busy time?

You forget that your customers have other things in their life and maybe a hundred other tools that they're using. Your message becomes all about YOU a hundred percent of the time. It’s really important to step back and say, how does this content fit into their day.  

Listen to the whole interview at Mind your Marketing

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