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Celebrating Consistency + Performance

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In 2021 it's incredible to see direct sales starting to change the industry’s sometimes narrow view of consultants. Read on to see how diversifying your success narrative can transform your field.

Celebrating Consistency And Performance Bar

Distributors join network marketing for different reasons and come equipped with varying skill sets. When we saw the emerging theme of rewarding consistent performance over simply high performance we immediately knew it would create a massive boost in morale.

Talking to specialists in the field, direct selling teams and leaders that really embraced the ideal that not everyone has the capacity or desire to reach the top ranks massively increased their retention by shifting their communication strategy.

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So what does this look like in practice? Firstly, consultants won’t be encouraged to constantly compare themselves to others’ success. Instead, it places the focus on competing with themselves. Did they do better than last week? Did they achieve their goals? Are they consistently showing up for themselves and their business?

From a revenue perspective… Would you rather 50 high achievers or 1,000,000 consistently performing consultants?

Consistently Performing Consultants

Celebrating Consistency And Performance Bar

Rewarding consistency will decrease churn as consultants will have a more attainable goal and not be deterred by not achieving the highest ranks. Climbing through the ranks is hard work and takes a lot of time (which some people simply don’t have), consistency is key to improving the psychological connection consultants have with your company.

For years, decades, the industry has talked about wanting to attract a more diverse consultant base. Yet, largely the consultant base has stayed the same.

If you’re shifting your communication strategy to support broader mindsets why not improve the diversity of your communications to welcome in a wider spectrum of direct sellers.

Direct Sales Transformation | Key Opportunities in
2021 and Beyond

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Marketing

If you take a broad look at the industry’s communications it is particularly narrow.

Opening up the conversation and focusing on more diverse communications is a way the industry can actively make connections with new customers. It will also help foster a sense of belonging. Diverse communications is proven to attract a more diverse audience.

of Hispanic millennials feel more favourably about brands that include aspects of Hispanic culture in their advertising when making digital purchases
of Black millennials say they are more likely to buy from a brand that takes a stand on race-related issues.
of millennial women on YouTube say they are more likely to remember a brand that’s LGBT-friendly.

Shifting consultant messaging and communication to be more holistic and inclusive will reap untold benefits on individual consultants, brand reputation, recruitment and the industry’s overall reputation. And all of this will in turn increase revenue.

Explore the full report: Direct Sales Transformation: Key Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond

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