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What will break in the next year if it doesn’t change?

2022 Trend Report Blog


To compile this years, 2022 Penny Direct Sales Trends Report, we surveyed hundreds of direct sales organizations globally. Reaching out to respondents at every level, from field, leadership and corporate teams.

Drawing on the data from this year, we contrasted it with last years research, and research from thought leaders in the industry. This analysis formulated the trends we've highlighted in the report for 2022 and beyond.

What will break in the next year if it doesn't change?

Today is a big day and I'm excited to share these findings and make the next year even bigger. We've asked corporate and the field — What are the critical risks for organizations? What are their top challenges and where they see the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Across the board, one theme was crystal clear. The perception of the direct sales industry needs to change and companies need to take urgent action to make that happen.

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2022 and Beyond

Today, companies have an opportunity to clearly demonstrate that they are the new generation of social selling organizations. A generation that takes care of the field and sets them up for success from day one. How? With an amazing support system around education, diversity and empathy.

First movers in this space will not only create a new perception of the Direct Sales industry as a whole, but also have a major competitive advantage.

This year's data surfaced five major areas of opportunity:

- Social selling evolution

- Reputation risk

- Diversity advantage

- Reimagined onboarding

- Laser sharp focus on continuous learning and development

It's clear that these trends for 2022 will have a dramatic impact on expanding the field. By accelerating seller success, reducing consultant churn and increasing field satisfaction and productivity as a whole.

Aligning strategic priorities to take advantage of the major societal and technological trends will create profitability and long term success.

So what does the future hold?

Find out in the 2022 Penny Direct Sales Trends Report based on survey results of over 400 corporate executives, field leaders and direct sellers.

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