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Penny AI is a Silver Sponsor of the 2022 DSA Annual Meeting

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The DSA Annual Meeting is taking place June 5-7 2022. This year, leaders from across the globe are coming together to talk about the disruption and transformation of business today. 

David Abbey, CEO + Co-Founder, Maria Osipova, CMO, Ryan Arnett, CRO, Mark Hughes, VP of Business Development, Matt Trotter, VP of Sales, Jaime Lamy, Sr. Business Development Executive and Fraser Robertson, Product Specialist will be attending the event.

We’re delighted to not only attend the DSA Annual Meeting this year but also sponsor. It is the event of the year for direct sales and I can’t wait to catch up with, and bounce ideas with the industry’s finest.

Mark Hughes
VP of Business Development

For transformation to succeed, it has to be successful at every level: customers, sellers, leaders and corporate alike. Currently partnering with some of the leading  direct sales brands, Penny is the digital-first, unified platform of choice that’s transforming the field and customer experience. Built for direct sales success, Penny delivers a global platform that empowers corporate with data and insights to drive change.   

Yet, in the wake of digital transformation, one area remains underserved. It’s the key to a new seller’s success and largely responsible for churn levels across the field. After researching the current techstack and sellers most prominent challenges, it became clear current onboarding solutions weren’t fit for purpose. 

To solve this problem, Penny is introducing a new transformational approach to onboarding solutions. Leveraging the best of Learning Design, Penny is taking the next step in direct sales edtech by developing a learning platform built for how adults learn, combining best-in-class curriculum with science-backed learning design to enable learning in the flow of work.

This year the DSA Annual Meeting is honing in on the technologies transforming and future proofing the industry. This aligns perfectly with Penny’s mission to empower the industry with software that’s people focused and results-driven. We can’t wait  to support the event and engage in the conversations that will set the bar for the rest of the year.

Jaime Lamy
Sr. Business Development Executive

Penny AI is the social sales enablement platform purpose-built to empower the modern social seller.

If you’d like to talk to David, Maria, Ryan, Mark, Matt, Jaime or Fraser before, after, or during the event drop them a line. 

For more information or to register for the event visit 2022 DSA Annual Meeting.

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