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Penny AI is Sponsoring the ANMP 2022 International Convention

The ANMP 2022 International Convention is sponsored by Penny

ANMP is taking place June 2-5 2022 in Dallas, Texas. The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) hosts training for Network Marketing Professionals worldwide. This flagship event is not to be missed for field and corporate alike. 

Mark Hughes, VP of Business Development and Fraser Robertson, Product Specialist will be attending the event. 

In the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report, over 70% of corporate respondents identified better training, onboarding and mentorship as the greatest opportunity to reduce consultant churn in 2022. Penny is committed to creating a learning and onboarding system within the app so that sellers can do micro-learning and immediately apply what they have learned to drive results. Empowering social sellers to make one more sale and see success in their business is at the heart of Penny’s mission.

The ANMP is known for its incredible speakers and worldwide training excellence. We’re delighted to support an event that champions network marketing excellence and empowers every seller to succeed.

Fras Headshot
Fraser Robertson
Product Specialist, Penny AI

Training is a hot topic at the moment and we all need to be prepared for the upcoming era of Social Commerce. Direct Sales is primed already with distributed salesforces set-up for relationship building at scale across social platforms. Now we need to make sure  that these relationships result in sales. Fraser and I are looking forward to sitting down with some of the industry’s pioneers to share ideas on how we’re all planning for this shift in social selling.

Mark Hughes
VP of Business Development, Penny AI

Penny AI is the social sales enablement platform purpose-built to empower the modern social seller.

If you’d like to talk to Mark or Fraser before, after, or during  the event drop them a line. 

For more information or to register for the event visit ANMP 2022.

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