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How to Cultivate Happiness in Social Selling

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Champion your sellers

Happiness and the ability to measure happiness is the key to social selling success. Sellers are the brand ambassadors, the public face, the champions — if happiness isn’t prioritized this will funnel to customers. (And no one wants an unhappy customer) 

Why you need to Track Happiness

In the 2024 Social Selling Trends survey two happiness metrics stood out. 

15% of sellers are unhappy 

23% of organizations can prove their field is happy

This means that:

15% of sellers are unhappy and at risk of churning and 77% of social selling companies have no way of knowing who those people are and why they’re unhappy. 

Happy people = Prospering Company

Happy sellers = Higher retention =  Consistent sales

Lorman Statistics on Employee Engagement & Happiness

Make sellers lives easier


When I look at the future, at 2024 for social sellers, the future seems to be all about simplicity and really professional automation to attract their leads to them. So that it frees up time for the social sellers so all they need to focus on are those one-on-one communications with hot prospects who want to join them in business and buy their products.

Roxanne Wilson
Sr Trainer, Field Enablement

Why are sellers happy?* Based on the 2024 Social Selling Trends Survey


Culture Community

Support from Corporate

Helping People

Teach sellers to personalize outreach while maintaining top tier customer service


The biggest opportunity for social selling in 2024 is to become customer-centric. A personalized customer experience will create a valuable relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back. Especially in this screen-heavy world, a little personalization goes a long way.

Amy Villarreal
Director of Partner Success

Why aren’t sellers happy?* Based on the 2024 Social Selling Trends Survey

Poor Communication


Promised culture community, but no follow through

No support from corporate or upline

Outdated training or no real training

How to Improve Happiness

Tackling onboarding and looking at why sellers are churning are two active ways to increase seller happiness. For true competitive advantage, organizations need to take their seller experience to the next level. Stand out for providing the best seller experience. 

Tools 🚀

When most of the work is done digitally, ineffective outdated tools are frustrating. Provide intuitive solutions for the way people work.

Mentor 💚

Not all sellers have team leaders. Make sure there is a central resource sellers can go to for advice and personal mentorship.

Purpose 🌎

Most social selling companies have a greater purpose. Lean into your purpose and make sure your sellers know it is the driving force.

Trend Setters 🦄

Don’t follow trends. Set them. Invest in the latest technology, embrace the newest selling styles, throw the coolest parties. Be the company everyone else copies.

Video 🤳

Video is HUGE in the social selling world. Sellers are leveraging videos on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to great effect. Bring video into your communication and training to resonate with sellers.

Training & Support 🎉

Be known for having the BEST training and support available for social selling. Up-to-date, constantly evolving, growing with sellers’ knowledge and experience.

🌻 Onboarding

🌻 Field Retention

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