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Make every party an experience to remember

Build relationships long after the party is over

Daily Penny App

Party planning is rewarding but as your customer base grows and your schedule books up it can get difficult to keep track.

Enter Penny! The app built to help you every step of the way.

Build relationships post event

After each event, load all your new contacts into Penny. Add them to a specific Party list and set your follow-up schedule.

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Loved by Party Planners

“One of my favorite things about Penny is that my first reach out after a tasting is a ‘thank you.’ My hosts and guests love it too. Then the ‘box opening’. Here I usually just send a quick text with, ‘Hi! Was your wine delivered safely?’ And finally a follow up two weeks later. I really enjoy this because within a month of the tasting, I have the opportunity to text them three times… And I love that y’all tell me who to text and when!”

– Penny User

Save your scripts & content

Add your frequently used scripts and content into Penny to make following up faster.

Save Scripts And Content

Add Contact

Grow event attendance

Add your prospects to Penny and keep building your relationships to book your next event.

Delight Your Customers

Add your customers, set your Customer Care Cycle and Penny will tell you the perfect time to stay in touch.

Delight Your Customers

Take back control of your business.
Free up your time to do what you do best.

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