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From a new consultant to a global leader, Penny is here to help

The fastest way to direct sales success

Duplicatable process

Automated workflow maximizes revenue generating activities in small pockets of time

Shareable content

A library of top performing scripts, resources and videos streamlines outreach and team training

Customer care cycle

Scalable and repeatable processes leverage AI to identify the best prospects and create exceptional customer experiences

Team performance

Real time insights make it simple to coach the team, increase activity and foster emerging leaders

New to direct sales

Create a process to land your first 100 customers
Direct Sales Consultant leaving the house

Your goals

  • To create a pipeline and a customer follow-up process that works
  • To hit your personal sales targets
  • To move towards rank advancement
Direct Sales Consultant leaving the house

Starting is never easy

  • Overwhelmed by all the first steps you need to take before reaching your first goal
  • Having contacts scattered across multiple platforms, notebooks and spreadsheets
  • Not knowing how and when to make connections with potential customers across different social platforms 
  • Struggling to know what to say when you reach out, when customers respond and finding the right time for the follow-up
  • Finding time and motivation to work on your business 

Penny can help you!

  • Daily tasks – building the right habits from day one, focusing on the income producing activities first
  • Activating your network – consolidating contacts from mobile and social, organizing and managing outreach from one place
  • Building a pipeline – leveraging AI capabilities to reach out to the right contacts at the right time
  • Seeing first results – celebrating successes with daily goals achieved and seeing progress right in Penny App
  • Rank advancement – hitting goals faster, easily tracking results and leveraging company promotions right in Penny
“Penny brought back my time freedom.”
Christie Nix, Isagenix

Part-time powerhouse

Delight more customers with less hustle
Penny Virtual Assistant on a bike

Your goals

  • To maximize your time on income generating tasks and driving sales
  • To create repeat business with excellent customer service
  • To save time where possible to pursue other passions
Penny Virtual Assistant on a bike

Time is your most precious asset

  • Finding enough time to drive your business forward
  • Pursuing multiple passions at the same time
  • Keeping yourself accountable while juggling multiple priorities
  • Ensuring customers don’t slip through the cracks
  • Keeping track of promotions and special offer reach outs

Penny can help you!

  • Customer care cycle – maximizing every minute you have to grow your business, keeping track of orders and planned outreach
  • Leader content and scripts – creating templates of successful outreach, increasing success rate of every message
  • Custom lists for prospects, customers and downline – helping you effectively manage your entire list of contacts in one intuitive app
  • Daily tasks – telling you exactly who and when to reach out in 5 minutes or less every day

Rockstar builder

Scale your business even faster
Direct Sales Consultant working at home

Your goals

  • To enable your team to see quick success
  • To crush your own and your team’s sales and hiring targets
  • To move on the path towards rank advancement
Direct Sales Consultant working at home

Riding the rocket ship

  • Wanting to share a library of scripts specific to your story and to your network
  • Having an incredibly high volume of customer and prospective customer interactions
  • Having a collection of success stories but no easy way to share with customers and your team
  • Wanting a practical way to schedule mass follow-ups, referrals and reach out requests
  • Needing a duplicatable process that can be shared with your team and especially new starters to get them off the ground and running

Penny can help you!

  • Customer care cycle – single pane of glass for high volume of customer activities
  • Trends and activity tracking – reporting on commissions: cycles, PIB, Team Builders Club and lifetime earnings.
  • Library of scripts and content your team can access and share with their customers
  • Managing high volume of customer and prospective customer interactions with mass SMS and messaging
  • Tracking engagement – all your follow ups, referrals and reach out requests in one place with trackable engagement and viewing
“I love how Penny helps me keep up and touch my customers more!! It has brought more repeat orders!”
Koren Kartes, Rodan + Fields

Team leader

Invest your time where your team needs it
Penny team leader

Your goals

  • To create long-term strategy for success for everyone on the team
  • To ensure exceptional customer care that drives repeat business
  • To create a tribe with a shared vision, performance goals and values
Penny team leader

Foster emerging leaders

  • Managing the team in different time zones
  • Creating a duplicatable process the team can leverage
  • Sharing best performing resources and scripts
  • Knowing ahead of time who needs help and who is a star performer
  • Forecasting business outcomes and identifying actionable insights

Penny can help you!

  • Discipline over motivation – Penny helps establish consistency in performing revenue-generating activities
  • Effective team coaching – see who’s performing well, who needs help, share your best scripts and promos
  • Driving daily activities across team members with leader charts and advancement tracking
  • Increasing team engagement with power hours, promotion activities and a shared resource library
Penny, A Smart Personal Assistant

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