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Exclusive workshop

Evolution of onboarding – Learning in the flow of work

Join Penny for an interactive Lunch and Learn session where we’ll discuss the latest trends from the experts and innovators in the onboarding space and discuss the evolution of learning in the direct sales industry.



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What you will learn

  1. Most important principles of Adult Learning, based on direct sales industry-specific research & validation 
  2. Test your knowledge of field onboarding needs and their impact on your business – Interactive workshop and discussion around what sellers need to succeed in today’s environment
  3. Practical applications of learning theory to your field  
  4. Anything else you would wish for. Let us know what other topics you would like to cover


Meet Lauren Mason Carris, P.h.D.
VP of Product at Penny

20 Years of Learning Experience Design & Research;
10+ Years of Product Development; Expert in Adult Learning, skills-based personalized learning software, behavior-based digital learning experiences