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Penny Enterprise for Sales Leaders

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Empower your team to increase revenue

with the data-driven sales enablement platform
built for direct sales success

Greater sales
pilot program results
Rank increase
faster rank advancement
Recovered revenue
churn reduction

Team Success

Actionable performance data and insights
Penny Leader is leading a team

Penny exponentially increases revenue by giving consultants and leaders the duplicatable field experience they demand all while providing you with the data and insights you need to set your pace of innovation.

Penny Leader is leading a team

Give leaders visibility & insights

My Business Penny Enterprise
  • Get visibility into prospecting volumes and trends, social channels and reach of your top performers, content, scripts and promotions that work
  • Provide centralized auditable content, scripts and marketing resources, easily communicating to the field and identifying the highest impact strategies
  • Provide AI driven tasks & actions to the field sales organization to improve efficiency and drive additional revenue and customer retention
My Business Penny Enterprise

Reduce consultant churn

Penny Team Metrics
  • Provide new consultants with duplicatable workflows and proven scripts to increase initial orders
  • Help new team members integrate prospecting and customer care activities into their day to day life in small pockets of time
  • Enable new consultants to progress through ranks faster by focusing on income-producing activities while reducing admin overhead 
Penny Team Metrics

Power sales growth

Penny Contacts Management
  • Streamline social selling and contact management across networks and devices  
  • Enable automated order cycles, product recommendations and reorders
  • Help consultants create personalized experiences for customers in a fraction of the time
  • Leverage AI to prioritize outreach and maximize revenue-generating activities
Penny Contacts Management

Beat your adoption goals

We help you make sure Penny is not only widely adopted by your field, but truly LOVED by consultants and leaders alike.
Value High Bar
Proof-of-concept programs
Limited time, measured outcome pilot programs, showing the immediate impact on revenue and measurable ROI
Value Empathy
Dedicated success team
A team of experts with you every step of the way supporting development, onboarding, training and adoption
On Demand Training Icon - Sales Leaders
Live and on-demand training
Live and on-demand onboarding, leader and partner training, 'Train the Trainer' programs, custom help and video content
Value Own It
Change management
Launch strategy, champions engagement, training and onboarding programs built to accelerate your field's Penny adoption
Value Curious
Best-in-class support
Penny frees up the operational time and expense of delivering and supporting your own in-house field solution
Scalability for Sales Leaders
Custom development
Customized integrations, unified branded UI, technical task development and implementation resources
Penny Enterprise

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