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Game-changing outcomes for digital-first direct sales business

Digital Transformation

Unified digital field experience

Streamline social selling and contact management across networks and devices. Enable automated order cycles, product recommendations all in a single, intuitive app.

Future-proof field expansion

Provide a seamless experience, attract a younger consultant demographic, and help improve retention. Drive excitement and engagement within teams in digital-first environments.

Team onboarding, training & enablement

Get actionable data on individual and team performance. Create duplicatable, habit-forming processes, share and audit content enabling every leader to coach their team, increase activity and foster emerging leaders.

Events and community transformation

Maximize the value of social media connections to drive sales, scaling relationships from 1:1 to 1:many. Enable the field to create authentic connections through their social presence and online events.

Greater Monthly Sales
In Weeks, Not Months
Faster Rank Advancement

Operational Efficiency
at Scale

Abstraction of key IT initiatives

Provide a single app interface to the field, unifying multiple backend systems and separate apps. Minimize disruptions while you focus on IT infrastructure projects and digital transformation initiatives.

Return on 

Offset the infrastructure costs by the revenue increases from the field contributing to your digital transformation. Fund IT initiatives with the revenue increases from the field.

AI-powered visibility and compliance

Get visibility into the blindspots in the field data such as prospecting volumes and trends, social reach of your top performers, content and promotions that work. Enable real-time compliance monitoring eliminating policy and brand violations

Operational costs reduction

Optimize the delivery of technology, modernize existing platforms, investing into the future-proof solutions that will scale with your business needs.

Penny Enterprise

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Unified digital experience

All your field tools in a single intuitive app.
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Business Outcomes

  • Improved field performance with a single app across multiple field functions
  • Elevated customer experience and improved customer loyalty
  • Field enabled to maximize social selling and to succeed in a digital environment
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Immediate Challenges

  • Field dissatisfaction with outdated tools and disjointed solutions
  • Inconsistent customer experience eroding the brand value
  • No single source of truth for consultant and customer data

Penny Enterprise capabilities

  • Proven duplicatable social selling workflows customized to consultant needs
  • AI-driven contact management platform across all social networks and devices
  • Configurable interface integrated with existing platforms and applications – one app across key business functions
Transition to digital only interactions was identified as a major challenge*
Access to sufficient tools for social selling was identified as a major challenge*
Consultant professional development and leader mentorship was impacting churn*

Team training and enablement

Stepping stones to success, one habit at a time

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced consultant churn with improved training and faster advancements
  • Increased efficiency with prescriptive workflows, product recommendations and scripts
  • Improved team performance with digital power hours and performance insights

Immediate Challenges

  • No sales experience in new consultants
  • No playbook for repeatable multi-touch outreach
  • No experience in building relationships through authentic interaction
  • Need for mentorship and established path to success
  • Keeping track of promotions and special offer reach outs

Penny Enterprise Capabilities

  • Real time performance, trending analysis instantly identifies emerging leaders and declining performers
  • Tailored Customer Care Cycle enhances consultant-led Customer Service
  • Published scripts, playbooks and interactive challenges for downlines

Insulation of digital transformation initiatives

Scale your business even faster
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Business Outcomes

  • Accelerated infrastructure and IT projects completed behind the unified app interface
  • Exceptional field experience with no disruption to the field from IT initiatives
  • Increased budget availability with clear measurable ROI from Penny implementation
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Immediate Challenges

  • Infrastructure modernization projects are planned over multiple years
  • Field disruption as a result of changes introduced by new systems
  • Consultants are managing a web of corporate and individual apps and tools
  • Dissatisfaction of the field with the existing tools
  • Tools are not optimized for social selling and fully digital experience

Penny Enterprise capabilities

  • Single app interface delivering exceptional experience to the field, unifying multiple backend systems and separate apps. 
  • Robust API connecting to back office and proprietary applications and tools
  • Unified UI layer brining multiple systems, apps and solutions into a single familiar experience

AI-powered visibility and compliance

Power growth and protect the brand with real-time insights.
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Business Outcomes

  • Increased visibility into prospect, customer base and field activities
  • Reduced risk with global compliance monitoring with FieldCheck 
  • Deliver solutions based on real-time field performance data
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Immediate Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into field prospecting and customer interactions
  • Preserving brand reputation across entire field communications
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and upholding corporate standards across every field outreach messaging
  • Forecasting business outcomes and identifying actionable insights

Penny Enterprise Capabilities

  • Real-time insights and visibility into prospecting volumes, social outreach and content effectiveness 
  • Scanning the web for harmful conversations, threats and violations of company policy
  • Centralized auditable content and scripts customized to field needs
Security and Trust
Penny enterprise platform