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Increase sales and reduce churn

With Penny — the social sales enablement and learning platform driving sustainable business growth.

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Drive measurable sales growth

Take the guesswork out of prospecting and customer follow-up.

Penny builds repeatable behaviors that lead to:

  • New business growth
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Repeat business

From AI-driven daily actions, to high performance scripts and industry best practices, Penny leads to seller’s success.

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New Customer Growth   •   Increase Repeat Customers   •   Improve Customer Service   •   Reduce Time-to-Sale   •   Improve Seller Confidence

Prevent churn, from day 1

Ensure every seller receives the right training at the right time, so they can successfully build a business.

Penny learning focuses on the way adults actually learn with:

  • Micro-doses of content and a gamified experience
  • Best-in-class social selling curriculum
  • Skills application for revenue-focused tasks
  • Prompting income-generating activity

All while tracking progress, identifying churn risks and optimizing learning pathways.

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How Juice Plus+ AUNZ used Power Weeks

Building seller engagement and winning habits

“If you’re looking to kickstart your Penny experience a Power Week is the way to do it.”
– Celine Egan, CEO, Juice Plus+ AUNZ

Find out how

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How Penny drives seller success

Increase New Business

  • Automated follow-up tasks
  • Contacts added directly from social media
  • Contacts categorized to prioritize hot prospects
  • Contact notes for tailored outreach
  • Regular reminders to continuously build relationships

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Grow Repeat Business

Customer Care
  • Automated customer care tasks
    • Thank you
    • Order check-ins
    • Repeat order reminders
  • Reconnect tasks to rengage past customers
  • Customer notes for tailored outreach
  • Customer and order data synced

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Reduce Churn

Onboarding & Learning
  • In-app onboarding and continuous learning
  • Micro-modules designed to:
    • Trigger income-generating action
    • Boost confidence
    • Increase sales potential
  • In-flow of work learning to keep sellers focused

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Revenue Acceleration

Power Weeks and Workshops
  • Programs focused on income-generating tasks
  • Dedicated business building challenges
  • Gamified experiences for repeat order growth
  • Training tailored for increasing sales sustainably

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Increase Sellers Productivity

The Daily, Contact Management & Custom Lists
  • Auto-generated daily to-do list based on income-generating priority
  • Workload managed by time available
  • All contact information safely secured in one place
  • Segmentation of contacts into lists based on seller’s requirements

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Nurture Team Growth

Team Care
  • Downline and team activity tracked
  • Auto-generated tasks to celebrate wins and nurture dwindling performers
  • Content section to share top performing scripts and content to downline

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Why choose Penny?

Landen Frederick
We chose Penny because the team shares our vision and commitment to empowering our associates with the best technology for their success.”
— Landen Fredrick, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Mannatech
Colleen Nicols
With Penny I never lose track of anyone. I’m reminded who I need to talk to, when and what about.I tell everyone with a new team member to start them with Penny from day one.”
— Colleen Nichols, Founder of DSGC & No Shame Sales Game
Jj Birden
The Penny app is the most impressive CRM business system I’ve seen for the network marketing industry. Penny eliminates the guesswork from our day to day.”
— JJ Birden, Isagenix Associate

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