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Top 11 Direct Sales Field Enablement Platforms

Network Marketing Tool Comparision

The best direct sales software is built for both the field’s success and corporate success. 

It needs to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Provide a consistent customer experience
  • Simple to integrate
  • Customizable
  • Have global rollout potential
  • A stellar customer support
  • Future thinking
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Provide actionable data
  • Fulfil all internal and external requirements
  • Multiply sales
  • Streamline workflows
  • And more!

When you select a tool, you’re not just choosing the functionality of the tool, you’re choosing a company you want to partner with. Yes, the solution needs to provide the workflow automation you’re looking for, it needs to be cutting edge and it has to seamlessly integrate into your back office. But, the company you partner with has to share your vision. It needs to function beyond a plug and play, and instead be a constantly evolving, innovative partner that’s looking for new ways to maximize your revenue and increase productivity throughout the company. 

Why You Need to Find the Right Tool Provider?

There are two main reasons for adopting new software -

  1. To solve an immediate problem
  2. To prepare for the future

If you’re looking for a new direct sales tool, you probably know by now that change management and meeting company-wide expectations are a large part of the process. If you choose the wrong platform, not only are you failing to solve the problem you were aiming to fix BUT you’ve lost the trust of your organization. Any future tool is likely to face great resistance and will require an even greater lift to gain company-wide adoption. 

Choosing the right solution, the first time around will set you up for years to come. That’s why it’s so important the direct sales software partner you choose is aligned with your digital strategy so you can continue to work together and develop custom solutions no matter what the future holds. 

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Compare the Top 11 Direct Sales Field Enablement Platforms 

Review the tech solutions companies are using around the world to give the field what it needs to build their business and maximize their sales while giving corporate the data, control and customization required to optimize performance. 

In Alphabetical Order:

For an even deeper software comparison checkout the Direct Sales Competitive Landscape Framework.


Description: The relationship-building app for seller. More at

Areas of focus: Customer and consultant - an app for individual sellers, providing order history, message templates, product listings and invoicing.

Global capabilities: Yes

Adoption & onboarding programs: Onboarding upon launch and continual training on new features.

Key customers: Lilla Rose, Tropic, Scentsy

Capterra reviews & score: N/A

Photo Of Cheerful Positive Mixed Race Pretty Woman Working As Content Manager Arranging With Her Customers By Phone Smiling Toothily


Description: Sales growth and automation software for direct sales consultants and network marketing companies. More at

Areas of focus: Task automation, message templates, reminders, tags and notes.

Global capabilities: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian

Adoption & onboarding programs: Live Chat.

Key customers: Leroy Merlin, ERV, Glovo

Capterra reviews & score: N/A.

Krato Journey

Description: Direct sales mobile app for distributor retention and productivity for direct sales. More at

Areas of focus: Consultant focused app focused on onboarding, gamification, distributor engagement and corporate communication

Global capabilities: N/A.

Adoption & onboarding programs: Live online support, Webinars.

Key customers: Sweet Minerals, Cara, Trades of Hope

Capterra reviews & score: 3 reviews, 5/5

Diverse Businesspeople Gathered Together For Negotiations Lead By African Businesswoman


Description: MLM software where the focus is on the customer's shopping experience and ease of enrolling distributors. More at

Areas of focus: Onboarding, commission payments, compensation plans and marketing.

Global capabilities: Yes

Adoption & onboarding programs: In Person, Live Online, Webinars and Documentation.

Key customers: Kingdom's Candles, Chels Wellness International USA, MakeUp Eraser

Capterra reviews & score: 4.7/5 (35 reviews)

Office Manager


Description: Free mobile-friendly CRM for MLM professionals. More at

Areas of focus: Consultant focus - contact management, self-created to-do lists, prospect messages, content uploads and social media posting.

Global capabilities: N/A.

Adoption & onboarding programs: Consultant-app only, team workshops available, online chat, email and phone support.

Key customers: Utility Warehouse, Tropic, Forever Living

Capterra reviews & score: 1 review 5/5

Network Marketing Desk where you can grow your team

Penny AI

Description: Sales enablement platform exponentially increases revenue by enabling and empowering field consultants and leaders to focus on income-producing activity. All while providing corporate teams with the data, insights and innovation for the digital-first future. More at

Areas of focus

Global capabilities: Yes

Adoption & onboarding programs: Global account and site configuration, proof of concept programs, dedicated success teams for onboarding, customization, roll out and training.

Key customers: Isagenix, Truvy, FuXion

Capterra reviews & score: 31 reviews, 4.6/5

Beautiful Black Girl With A Festive Hat On Her Head Celebrates Her Birthday Online By Video Chat Sitting At Home In The Kitchen


Description: Performance enablement platform delivers the right learning activity to the right individual at the right time. More at

Areas of focus: Consultant and leader focus: onboarding, leader training and distributor training programs.

Global capabilities: Yes

Adoption & onboarding programs: Pre-launch KPIs, customization and configuration 

Key customers: Pawtree, Velofix, New Avon

Capterra reviews & score: 16 reviews, 5/5

Livestream Shopping ECommerce Google


Description: Content repository and sharing technology for consultants in direct sales, general business, coaches and trainers. More at

Areas of focus:

Global capabilities: N/A.

Adoption & onboarding programs: Online tutorials.

Key customers: Beachbody, Organo Gold, Grace and Heart

Capterra reviews & score: N/A.

Father With Baby Daughter In Sling Multi Tasking Working From Home On Laptop


Description: Organizes and manages relationships for networking marketing businesses. More at

Areas of focus: Consultant - distributor CRM and outreach automation.

Global capabilities: N/A

Adoption & onboarding programs: Self-guided onboarding by the user.

Key customers: Individual user rather than corporate-based.

Capterra reviews & score: 4 reviews, 4.5/5

Portrait Of A Cheerful Senior Businesswoman Using Smart Phone At Home Office, Close Up


Description: Social selling app helping manage prospects, calendar and team all in one place. More at

Areas of focus: Consultant productivity - social selling for consultants, with to-do lists, scripts and team progress updates.

Global capabilities: N/A.

Adoption & onboarding programs: YouTube channel, Video tutorials, Online chat support, Online Help articles.

Key customers: Share Total Wellness, Trades of Hope, Valentus

Capterra reviews & score: N/A.

Young Asian Business Man Using Computer For A Online Business Meeting With His Colleagues About Plan In Video Conference Back View Of Business Man Have Webcam Group Conference With Coworkers At Home

Verb Technologies

Description: Sales enablement platform for life sciences, direct sales, entrepreneurs and sales teams.
More at

Areas of focus: Customer and consultant - automatic sampling, interactive video and challenge-based consultant education programs.

Global capabilities: Yes

Adoption & onboarding programs: Provide onboarding help, customization of challenges and branding.

Key customers: Hologic, Vasayo, Invitae

Capterra reviews & score: N/A

Looking for further information checkout the Direct Sales Competitive Landscape Framework.

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