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Top Reasons Your Onboarding Is Failing

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Onboarding the Golden opportunity to set Sellers up for success yet one we routinely get wrong.

Hi, everyone. It's me, Lauren from Penny I'm your guide for all things learning. In today's episode, we're talking about onboarding and the top reasons yours might be failing.

1. Information Overload

We've all been there at the start of something new, brimming with excitement and enthusiasm, only to be met with so much information. Throwing everything at a new team member all at once is not the way to go. It's information overload. And it happens to be the number one reason your onboarding might be failing.

Onboarding is more than a one time information dump.

Onboarding is a journey, so we need to support learners with the right information at the right time along their journey.

2. Disconnected Information

Imagine this scenario. New consultants join. You're excited, they're excited and you have tons for them to learn. So you curate it all in a nice, neat binder with tabs and headers, and you're so proud you even made it digital in a PDF good job.

Your new consultants are likely looking at this massive PDF, wondering how this information applies, when they would have to recall it, and where they might find it again when they need it. It's all important information, of course, but perhaps not relevant at that moment. Which brings us to reason number two disconnected information.

Information has to be connected to an action and relevant to its application. This is what we mean when we say learners need the right information at the right time. Pairing information with action means Sellers are far more likely to carry out the tasks necessary to build their business.

3. Delayed Wins

And coming in hot at number three delayed wins. New Sellers need to know they're making progress, otherwise they run the risk of leaving. The first win might happen in, I don't know, a week, a month, maybe even three months. That is far too long to risk them leaving.

What if we broke it down to enable wins earlier and more often and celebrate all wins each micro win along the onboarding journey, no matter how small, is something worth celebrating?

Enabling early and often wins is a surefire way to revive your onboarding. Listen, onboarding doesn't have to be so bad, transform yours from an inconvenient hurdle to a journey towards success that inspires and delights. I'll see you in the next episode of Learning with Lauren.

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