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What’s the difference between an LMS and Learning Design?

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Learning management system, learning design, learning frameworks, learning science. So much to make sense of out there in the market.

Hi, everyone. It's me, Lauren from Penny. And welcome back to another episode of Learning with Lauren. In this episode, we're comparing learning management systems with learning design to better understand why you need both to make onboarding work for new Sellers.

Let's get started with some definitions.

Learning management system.

A learning management system commonly referred to as an LMS, is in fact a system designed to house all your learning content so it can easily be accessed and completed. The concept of an LMS emerged from the digital boom in e-learning, where institutions and organizations needed to house all things in digital spaces. Over time, these systems became refined to distribute and manage learning content.

Learning Design

Learning design is a learner-centered design process that matches learning requirements with how people actually learn. It blends together user experience, behavioral and cognitive psychology and digital design, all the while keeping the goal and the experience in mind. So users actually learn. Above all, it's about designing a learning experience.

Why you need to know the difference

So let's talk about why it's important to know the difference between learning management systems and learning design. To make learning and onboarding sticky and impactful, you have to have both a learning management system and an experience curated by learning design, investing in a system with robust content management and some learner tracking to let you know what's been completed might seem like a good investment on the surface, but a system alone will fall flat when it comes to the experience.

Leveraging the system to support a well designed experience is the real way to go. This approach:

Delivering this experience in an interface backed by the latest in cognitive and behavioral science gives learners the stickiness factor that keeps them coming back creating habit-forming, learning patterns. If you want to deliver more magical, delightful experiences, you've got to pair learning management systems with interfaces informed by learning design. Transform your onboarding today with a little bit of Learning Design magic.

If you want to learn more about learning design and how it can be applied to direct sales, tune into the next episode of Learning with Lauren.

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