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The 2023 Social Selling Trends Report is Live!

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The 2023 Social Selling Trends Report is live!

This year's Report focus' on:

Happiness. Not the first thing you think about when planning for 2023 and beyond? (Especially not when you’re navigating an economic downturn). 

This year, more than ever, people are choosing social selling because they’re looking for a way to make money.  But, they’ll end up staying because of the community that makes them feel like they belong. 

In the face of an economic downturn, after the stresses of the unprecedented covid-19 pandemic, the pursuit of happiness is more important than ever. 

Having a thriving business is about way more than money.  Freedom, flexibility, authenticity, self-improvement and community are all fundamental to living a balanced fulfilling life. They’re now non-negotiable for social sellers.

As a society we’ve gone through a number of highly traumatic, prolonged experiences – which will have a compound effect on sellers’ mental health. According to American Psychological Association, 2022 trends report, there’s an ever-increasing risk of burnout for virtually everyone. Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, depletion of empathy and decreased sense of accomplishment.

When applied to a social selling role, this makes outreach and connection virtually impossible, leading to passive churn or drastic decrease in effectiveness. I believe that focusing on field well-being and proactive prevention of burnout can quickly become a strategic advantage for organizations. Driving purpose and a sense of accomplishment, including wellness practices and self-care into training routines are just the beginning that can make a world of a difference to burnout-driven churn rates, but even more so in someone’s life.

Maria Osipova

The Numbers

Over the past three years we’ve surveyed hundreds of corporate leaders and sellers at over 75 + direct sales organizations with seller’s experience ranging from less than 1 year to 10+. In this report, we discuss and contrast the data from the field with the data gathered from corporate teams.

The companies that will thrive are those that can balance smart investments for their field, a digital experience vision, and agile thinking with an unwavering focus on seller happiness across the board. The amazing part is happiness is contagious — happy sellers lead to engaged corporate teams, driven leaders and ultimately delighted customers loyal to the brand.

Happiness is difficult to track — but unhappiness is not. 

It’s seen in:

Combining what sellers need to succeed with the innovations needed for competitive advantage, happiness is guaranteed. 


Find out how Field Happiness can be your competitive advantage.

Explore the trends in the 2023 Social Selling Trends Report.


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