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What are Power Skills and why you should care?

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Skills. They're all the rage.

But some are more powerful than others.

Hi, everyone. It's Lauren from Penny.

We're here to talk about power skills, what they are, and how they fit into your onboarding experience. Power skills are uniquely human skills. We want them. We want our teams to have them. And we want to keep them up to date.

But the rate of change in technology, society and learning has shed some light on the uniquely human skills that machines simply can't replace, skills like empathy, self-awareness and adaptability aren't really easy to learn or master. But they are critical for success. They power us to reach our goals, propel innovation and empower individuals across industries to reach their fullest potential.

Power Skills (Soft skills no longer!)

Not too long ago, these power skills were called soft skills because they were perceived as less important than hard or technical skills. But we've learned that automation, technology and new apps can optimize our workspaces and our workdays to, in fact, replace some of these technical skills.

This means the skills in demand are those that machines cannot replace. Power skills help define your people, your brand, and your experience.

In an industry rooted in relationships and reputation, power skills are fundamental to the onboarding experience and frankly, to the entire learning journey.

Power Skills and Onboarding

Most onboarding experiences are limited to information. Information about:

And though this information is critical, an overemphasis on technical information can leave new consultants questioning their purpose and the opportunity to personally develop. Enhancing the experience with a focus on power skills can make a tremendous and complementary difference. Power skills are the most important skills an individual can possess. They're the skills that can set your brand, your business and your people apart.

If you want to learn more about some of the top power skills for the future of sales, tune in to the next episode of Learning with Lauren.

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