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How to Track Onboarding Success in 2024

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Good onboarding is measurable

Onboarding makes or breaks the seller experience and defines initial levels of brand loyalty. It sets sellers up for success or failure. But, how are you measuring the effectiveness of your onboarding?

Focus on effective training strategies

The biggest opportunity for social selling in 2024 is to have effective training strategies when onboarding your new distributors. Especially in this digital world, it’s absolutely crucial to have this effective training in place to encourage engagement and also help drive that business success.

Paige Fraites
Business Development Executive, Penny AI

Why is good onboarding so important?

How do you know if your Onboarding is Working

You can’t improve what you can’t measure
Good onboarding reduces churn and sets sellers up for success. But, if you can’t measure that success then how do you know whether your onboarding is actively supporting your organization’s goals?
For 2024, companies that can measure the success of their onboarding and actively pivot to make adjustments and improvements based on unique onboarding requirements will be the ones who see their churn rate reduce, happiness increase and salesforce productivity boom.

Capture and Retain Attention while Cultivating a Learning Mindset

In today’s attention economy, nothing is more valuable than time and attention. The most addictive apps and social media tools capitalize on this fact with unique digital design with nudges, notifications, small doses of novel information, behavioral tactics like taps and swipes, maximizing screen real estate, and motivating users with gamified experiences that can earn social validation.

But impressive design only takes us about 50% of the way toward the future of Learning and Onboarding. The next 25% rests on quality content that is accessible, relevant, and inspiring. The final 25% rests on the “so what” factor — the impact of the learning, and the ability to prove that learning results in the right behaviors, completion of the right tasks, and the ability to cultivate a learning and (re)learning mindset. This is no small feat for social selling, but certainly one worth investing in for the happiness of your sellers.

Lauren Mason Carris
VP Learning Design, Penny AI

What to measure?

Completion Rate
How many sellers have completed training.
Incomplete Modules
What sections of onboarding do sellers miss, stop halfway through, fail the quiz.
Critical Action Taken
Do learning modules relate to or result in action? And, if so, is it the relevant and critical action?
Time to Productivity
How quickly a new seller is operating a clear, repeatable sales process.
Compliant Behavior
Do those who complete onboarding engage in more compliant activity? – Messaging, social media posts, sales tactics, etc.
Satisfaction Rate
Are sellers satisfied with their experience? Are they satisfied with the content? Do they find it useful?
Knowledge Retention
Do sellers simply click through content or do they retain knowledge? What evidence is provided?
Do sellers enjoy onboarding? Do they find it effective?
What else do they want to learn?

The Lifecycle of Onboarding

A good onboarding system goes beyond learning, it also acts as a guide to your sellers. The journey your seller goes on should be carefully mapped to:

Companies that invest in smart onboarding will have an advantage over competitors because of the ability to predict and mitigate churn based on their lifecycle journey.

Lifecycle of Onboarding
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Act before doubt creeps in

I encourage you to go ahead and take the time from the minute that someone decides to join your company until their kit arrives. Utilize that time because they’re thinking about how they’re going to make this work for them. I encourage you to go ahead and pick up the phone and give them a welcome call. Make them feel like they’re part of a company before their kit even arrives in the mail. This small token will pay dividends.

Janessa Oriol
Director of Field Enablement & Community, Penny AI

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