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December's Challenge

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Can you believe it’s almost 2023? Take a moment to reflect on your business and what you want to achieve in the new year!

The first 100 genuine survey submissions by December 29, 2022 will receive a FREE Penny Planner.

New To Direct Sales Cycle4

  •  Share 3 wins in this past year
  • Share 3 challenges in this past year
  • Share 3 goals for the upcoming year

*Disclaimer: Monthly challenges are only open to Thrive and Essential Penny users. The first 100 genuine responses by December 29th will receive a free Penny Planner. Planners are distributed in January.

November’s Challenge

Winners Announced

Complete 9 Learning micro-modules

Random Draw Winner: Trish B.

Complete 50 Connect tasks

Most Connect Tasks: Sara T. (62 tasks)

Complete 50 Reachout tasks

Most Reachout Tasks: Adam P. (423 tasks)

Random Draw Winner: Ronnie C.

Add 50 Prospects

Most Prospects Added: Angel H. (122 added)

Random Draw Winner: Angela B.

*Disclaimer: Monthly challenges are only open to Thrive and Essential Penny users. Winners are selected at the end of the month and announced in the following days. Users can NOT win in more than one Gift Card. If a user is a top user in more than one area, the prize will default to the next highest user. 


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