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Video Transcript

Without a personal assistant, how are you managing your contacts right now?

  • Do you have a spreadsheet?
  • Just use Facebook?
  • Use the contacts app on your computer?
  • Do you have a big Rolodex?

I don't know. Well hey, Penny is here to help.

This video is all about organizing your contacts with Penny. 

Penny has really intuitive features to allow you to manage all of your contacts. So let's head over to the Contact section in the web version of Penny. Let's take a look at the same thing in the mobile version of Penny.

We're going to tap on the "More" option in the bottom right, and then "Contact" up in the very top. Now in the web app, the default view is All Contacts and I can see up at the top that I have 525.

Now the magic in how Penny handles your contacts is that there are all sorts of filtering options on the left.

For example, I can click on Customers and now I can see it's pared it down to 242 contacts.

Prospects 45 contacts. Recommended prospects, I can see that I've got six and then there's a lot of other ways to organize.

For example, my downline, there's a new feature coming for Penny thrive customers. That's going to allow them to help coach and congratulate their team. So having options like this is really important.

Penny Categorize Contact

Automatic Tasks

Based on how people are categorized in Penny, she will also sometimes generate automatic tasks. For example, these are my recommended prospects, Penny identified these people using her AI capabilities as being potentially amazing future customers or team members.

Every day she's going to pull five of them out and present them to me as people that I can reach out to in order to build my business or build my team.

Let's head back to Contacts and then I'll show you how we do this in the mobile application. So in mobile, you'll notice that all of those filters we saw in the web app are not showing. Well, if we tap up in the search field along the top, all of those filters become available.

For example, I just chose prospects, I can go back up there now, close prospects, and I could look at potentially my customers. We'll select customer, there we go. There's all my customers all in one place.

One more example, I want to check my downline, so tapping in that search field again, there's downline there and there's everybody. My whole team!

Contact Card - all the information on your contact in one place

Let's take a look at a contact card.

When we look at a contact, the first place we stop is Details, where we find all of their contact info, etc. There's also an option for Activity. That'll show us all their orders.

You can expand the orders to see the things that they've Ordered as well as add or review notes you've left on those orders.

Let's take a look at the web version of Penny and look at Caitlin Gillis. There we go. So again, we can see she's downline. We can see the time and weather where she lives, options to edit, merge the contact, add tasks or notes. You can expand the orders as well to see the things that she's ordered.

And at any time, even after the order has been shipped and received, you can still add notes to the orders, just to make sure that you're keeping amazing customer records and providing a world-class customer experience.

I love adding notes to my customer orders because even when the order has been minimized like this under activity, I can still easily see it, which gives me some great cues for the next conversation.

Penny Generic Prospecting Tags

Tags - taking contact organization to the next level

Now, from within a customer's contact, when you click on profile and then tags, what you're going to see is that their account has been tagged with every product they've ever ordered.

In any search field in Penny, you can type in one of your products and it will bring up every single person in that category that's made that purchase.

You can also create your own tags

I've just added a local tag for people who live in my area, but I've also added a dog owner tag to Caitlin's profile.

This means that anytime again, I can search for those tags and bring up all the people who've, I've added that tag to.

On the mobile side of things, it's exactly the same. From within a customer's contact card, you can just simply go to tags and add any tag you like. I added a cat owner tag to Ashley, as well as my local tag. There we go. We'll just fix that up cause I used a lowercase L with my local tag. Now let's enjoy the fruits of our labor, shall we?

We're going to close down Kaitlin's profile in the web version of Penny and let's do some searching.

Up in the top, I can click in there and now I just need to type in one of my products in order to find every single customer who's ever purchased it. So my raw food diet for medium dogs, I can see that it's brought in 191 contacts. So all of these people purchase that product.

Let's try one of my custom tags. So again, I've been adding dog owner tags to every single one of my clients who owns a dog. And when I use it, it brings them all up.

Let's try my local tag, here we are, my local tag and it's brought up nine contacts. So tagging can be really powerful.

Let's do it in the mobile application.

We'll search for my dog owner tag that I've created, there it is at the bottom and there we go.It's brought up every single person that I've tagged with that. There's my local tag, tap on that, and there they all are. So as you can see, it works the same way  in both web and mobile version of Penny.

Penny Filter Tags Product Tags

Organizing your Prospects

Now, the contact section is handy for customers, but it's also great for prospecting. As you prospect, you will categorize your prospects based on your interactions. For example, you can mark someone as a Hot Prospect.

When you do, they will be filtered in contacts so that you can search for just your Hot Prospects or Potential Consultants. We even have Somewhat Interested or On the Fence as options.

What this means is that you can be smart about where you spend your time when you're prospecting. But that's not all Penny, will also use her incredibly powerful AI capabilities to sort through all of your contacts and recommend specific prospects, which we already covered.

We'll take a look at those recommended prospects, as you can see, I've got six of them. So Penny has identified these folks, you can see the orange star on the contact and what this means is that again, every day, Penny is going to present five of them for me to reach out to in order to grow my business.

Not only will Penny help you manage those existing customers, but she will also help you bring on new ones and find new teammates. In the mobile app, all of those prospecting filters are available as well. If we click in the search field and then scroll down, we can again see Hot Prospects, Potential Consultants, people that are on the fence, et cetera.

Well, I hope you found this helpful. The idea here was to look at how we can organize our contacts with Penny.

Thanks very much for watching and remember with an assistant like Penny every day is a big day.

Penny Encouragement
Well done for finishing this article and investing in your business! 🙌
- Penny

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