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The Real Life of Direct Sellers is a NEW SERIES to celebrate the talent, grit, and tenacity of network marketers. The goal with this series is to ultimately inspire and uplift network marketers at all levels on their journey. We want to highlight the less-glamorous moments and go behind the scenes showing the ups the downs, the unpredictable moments, the chaos and the small wins!

  1. Denise and Paul Mend 
  2. Regina Becera
  3. Patricia Love
  4. Shaphan Bowen 
  5. Holly Brewer
  6. Kelly Jo Higgins


Denise and Paul Mend 

Discover a typical day in the life of two power partners crushing their goals and living a life of freedom. Denise and Paul have been in the Direct Sales industry for over 5 years. 


Find out more about Denise and Paul: @allaboutbeach @deelmend

Regina Becera

Watch Regina’s life before network marketing to find out how she became physically and mentally fit and became one of the top income earners in her company in Mexico with more than 21,000 in her downline!


“Let me tell you before network marketing, I was a very stressed woman. I was very tired all the time. I was working all day on the computer and I was going late to bed. [...] I wasn't living the life of my dreams. So I get, introduced to this amazing industry by a product. I need to lose weight, and I lost 64 pounds. So that was wonderful starting here and everyone in my family and my friends wants to know what I was doing. So I start sharing with them. So, that was five years ago. Now we are one of the top income  earners in Mexico.

Find out more about Regina Becera: @reginabecera

Patricia Love

Mom, Wife, Hair & Makeup Artist by trade and passionate business owner, see what a typical day running her business is like Patricia Love.


“I'm going to take you on a journey today to see the day in the life of someone who works in network marketing and how it's been life changing for me. I want to show you that you can work this business into the nooks and crannies of your day. 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, and I can still run my other business as well.”

Find out more about Patricia Love: @lovelifewithplove


Shaphan Bowen 

Listen to Shaphan’s story of how he overcame challenges while growing his family and pursuing his career in the direct selling industry.


"Before this journey in network marketing, I was in corporate sales and I loved it because I got to create financial freedom in the sense that the more I sold the more I made. But what I could not ever change was the time freedom. And the time I got to be able to choose the things I loved with the people I love and that's why I looked at network marketing."

Find out more about Shaphan Bowen: @shaphan_bowen

Holly Brewer

Take a look at what it's really like to step in the shoes of a Top Field Leader who has been in the direct sales industry for over 9 years.


“Most of my days are spent scheduled around my needs, my family's needs, and then my business's needs. I do coaching calls, training calls, connecting with our corporate offices and working with them to help our brand to get better. That's what most of my days are spent doing now. Of course, I still love to sell our products.

I still love to recruit, bring on new consultants, but my real passion is working with the organization that I love so much and helping them reach and achieve their goals.”

Find out more about Holly Brewer: @hollytbrewer

Kelly Jo Higgins

Kelly is here to inspire + uplift Network Marketers. Her dedication is to help others who started out with nothing in the industry, just like herself.


"I love that this journey has helped me show my daughters the importance of being a present parent, but also the capability of having a career at the same time."

Find out more about Kelly Jo Higgins: @kellyjohiggins

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