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37 Numbers you Need to Know for Direct Sales 2022

DS Report Numbers You Need To Know

What will 2022 bring for direct sales? 

Based on the survey results of over 400 corporate leaders, field leaders and direct sellers at over 75 companies, we’ve drawn out the top trends shaping the future of social selling.

“Consulting internal experts, cross-referencing industry data and analyzing the survey results created a clear picture of where we can expect major shifts across the industry that will bring about success for everyone – corporate, the field and customers.”

David Abbey Photo Circle
David Abbey
CEO + Co-Founder, Penny AI

Explore the data and findings in the full 2022 Penny Direct Sales Trends Report. Unpacking how the key trends can both facilitate growth, but also utilized as part of a strategic effort to improve the industry’s reputation. 

Find a snapshot of the numbers below. Read the full report here: 2022 Penny Direct Sales Trends Report.

Benchmark LaunchPost Corporate

SELLERS STATISTICS - Discover the field's daily habits and priorities.

*Based on the survey results gathered for the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report

Read the full Social Selling breakdown in the 2022 Direct Sales Report to find out how direct sales is perfectly positioned to become the leaders and playmakers of success in the Social Commerce era.

REPUTATION - The numbers you can’t ignore.

Americans are likely to cancel a company if it says or does something offensive when addressing the following issues: 

** From Engage for Good - Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business of Cancel Culture Study

Explore the Reputation section of the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report. Deep dive into the trigger points of 2021 which damaged the reputation AND the arising opportunities that can shape the industry’s reputation as companies prove they are the New Generation of Social Selling Companies. 

ONBOARDING - The e-learning revolution has come for social selling psychology-led onboarding. 

58% of corporate responders identified their onboarding experience as a detractor for the field recommending their company.* 

Discover how the booming e-learning revolution is set to change how direct sales companies onboard consultants. How? By using psychology to increase productivity and confidence and in turn, boost revenue. Find the answers in the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report.

The current landscape has put a microscope on network marketing and its deficiency in the area of opportunity for all people. With more network marketing companies and distributors on social media than ever before, it’s impossible to ignore who is and who isn’t in a company. Diversity & Inclusivity is not only imperative, it’s essential to the health of the network marketing industry in 2022 and beyond.
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Roxanne Wilson
Training Specialist, Penny AI

DIVERSITY - The numbers don’t lie. 

48% of Gen Z in the United States are of ethnic or racial minorities.The most diverse generation in the US to date. Pew Research Center

2.3 times higher cash flow per employee is seen by diverse companies. Bersin by Deloitte

*** Independent research looking at a randomized cross section of the top 100 direct sales companies. 

Uncover the impact diversity has on the success of direct sales organizations and how to ensure that everyone feels like they belong at your company. Read the Penny 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report

In a world where change is inevitable, how do you make sure your organization is ahead of the curve? Check out the 2022 Direct Sales Trends Report – where the new generation of social sales is starting to take shape. 

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