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After talking to leaders in the industry, we’ve identified the most common types of network marketers leaders have in their team. Everyone in your team has a different motivation, a different WHY for starting their business and they each bring a unique skill set. As a leader, it’s up to you to bring out the best in every member of your team, but identifying what different people need can be difficult... 

That’s why we’ve compiled the 7 most common types of network marketers in your team with nurture tips on how you can help each and every one of them reach their goals.

The 7 Most Common Types of Network Marketers in your Team

  • Shopper
  • Social Butterfly
  • Quiet but Conscientious 
  • Builder
  • Leader
  • Serial Network Marketer
  • Seasoned Expert


They just love the products! They’re probably not going to build a team (or at least not for a while) but they buy the products every single month and they are your best brand ambassadors. 

Every day they are out there talking about the products, living them and using them and enjoying them. 

They are doing unquantifiable good for your brand as a whole. 

Nurture tip: Make sure these people know all about the specific deals for products they love as that’s when they’re most likely to recruit someone to your team so they can earn money towards their products. And, keep them in the loop on any new content or product announcements because they are going to share them. Customers are more likely to trust someone who genuinely loves the product. 

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Social Butterfly

At a party they are the naturals. Chatting to everyone, making all the attendees feel special.

Online, they’re excellent at interacting with the team on social media. They know when it’s someone's birthday and have probably already messaged them a personalized e-card. 

Often these people have joined social selling specifically to make friends and have their own tribe. The social butterflies are likely to stick around for a long time because this is where their friends are.

Nurture tip: Tap into their knowledge of what’s going on. They’ll probably know before you if someone is feeling down, having a rough month or if someone is starting to ramp up their business activity. If you’re organizing a party or a team event ask them if they have any suggestions. 

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Quiet but Conscientious 

In general, most network marketers are extroverts as the industry maps onto their qualities of thriving in social and networking situations. 

However, there may be some introverts in your team. Quiet but conscientious means they may not be contributing as much in the group chat, and they may not be shouting out about their wins, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working away quietly building the business of their dreams. They might have some of the deepest relationships with their customers and great follow-up processes in place.

Nurture tip: As these network marketers are quieter than others you need to make sure you check in with them more frequently to find out how they are. They are probably less likely to ask for help and so you need to ask leading questions and give them the opportunity to talk. Why not ask if they would like to share some of their best practices with the team.

Two Friends Having A Casual Conversation At Home


Hard workers, the go-getters, they have more customers than anyone else in your team. 

They seem to have the Midas Touch but really they are grinding every single day to bring in more customers. 

Nurture tip: Builders are very busy. Make sure they know they can come to you if they encounter any problems. Remind them to take breaks and ensure they are looking after themselves. While working hard is important you don’t want them to burnout. As they have so many customers it can be difficult for them to keep track of everyone so if you come across any organizational business hacks make sure they're the first ones you tell.

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Natural leaders. People like them, want to follow them and want to be them… 

Leaders are good at talking to new people and bringing them onto the team. They’re excellent at disseminating information and ensuring that everyone feels supported and on the same page. 

Nurture Tip: Identify these leaders early on and guide them towards taking a leadership position. Leaders can be tempted to put their team before themselves so check in on them and ask how they’re doing. When leaders become stressed or overwhelmed their entire downline can suffer. It’s important to get ahead of these situations early on and even step in if a leader is struggling so you can help take the weight off of their shoulders.  

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Serial Network Marketer

They’ve been an independent distributor at more direct selling companies than you count. Moving on regularly and always very excited about the latest opportunity. 

Enthusiastic, excited to get started and get to know everyone, they have a lot of stories to tell.

Nurture Tip: There are two different but equally likely outcomes with this member of your team. Either they’re going to leave for the next company as per their pattern. However, it might be that they keep moving because they aren’t finding what they’re looking for with each new team they join. Talk with your serial network marketer to really understand what they want and need and then create a plan with them so they achieve their goals. Check in regularly and motivate them to keep on top of their plan. 

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Seasoned Expert

Tells you all about the successful business they built in the past and how they’re going to replicate that success for you and your team. 

Excellent speaker, has lots of experience and connections. Knows a lot about the network marketing industry.

Nurture Tip: Balance respecting their experience while giving them the information they need to succeed in your team. Ask them for their advice so they can share their wisdom, but also don’t be afraid to share your own tips. Remember just because someone has seen success before doesn’t mean they will be able to replicate that success again so make sure you dig into the data to really understand how they’re performing so you can support them on their new venture.

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*Note, people can move through these network marketing personality types as their priorities shift and change. There is no better way to know what your team wants than to actually talk and get to know them yourself.

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