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In this article, we’re sharing three top tips from direct sales leaders for how to turn your prospects into new team members. These tips are for when you’ve set up that first Zoom meeting or conference call to talk through the ins and outs of your company’s business opportunity. 

As a business owner it’s likely that you’ve been on the other end of one of these recruitment calls so you probably already know what makes someone say Yes! By laying out the call with these tips for a stellar beginning, middle and end you can refine your own recruitment calls to maximize your success. 

3 Tips to Maximize your Recruitment Calls 

  1. Building Yes Momentum
  2. Tie Downs
  3. Closing the Conversation

So, let’s dive in!

1. Building Yes Momentum 

Yes Momentum is a sales trick from the 70s, yet it’s still incredibly effective today. Below there are some examples of how you can incorporate Yes Momentum into your call with your prospect. But first, answer these questions:

  1. If there was one tool that you could spend one hour on each day that would quadruple the sales in your business, would you use it?
  2. If you could quadruple the sales in your business, would it have an impact on the quality of your life?
  3. Do you want to start quadrupling your sales today?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you just experienced Yes Momentum. (Those are some questions a sales manager might use to sell a CRM or sales enablement solution!) Alright, now that you know what yes momentum is, here are some examples that you can leverage in your conference call, to help build that positive reinforcement. 

  1. So [NAME], you were saying that you’ve missed out on a lot of your kid’s soccer games and dance competitions because you’ve been swamped at work. If you could make it to all of your kids’ games, would that have an impact on your family’s life?
  2. [NAME], you mentioned that you feel like you’ve capped out your earning potential in your current job. Totally hear you, I think that happens to a lot of us. Would it be helpful to you if you knew that your earning potential wasn’t capped just yet?
  3. If you could make enough money to cover the cost of your monthly grocery bill, would that have an impact on your family’s finances?
  4. Can you see how this could provide you a bit more financial security?

These questions seem so simple but the Yes Momentum that they build is incredible. It makes the person feel you understand their struggles and once they agree with you the first few times it becomes easier and easier to stay in agreement. If someone says yes to a question like this and then you offer them the solution to make it a reality then it becomes a lot more difficult to turn it down. 

Practice your Yes Momentum questions until they sound natural so you can confidently deploy them at the beginning of your call. 

2. Using Tie-Downs 

We should always be incorporating tie-downs in our conference calls, shouldn’t we? Ending statements like this is using the technique called a tie-down. It serves to solidify a statement and continue to build positive momentum in your conversation. These statements can be simple like:

  • Aren’t they?
  • Can’t you?
  • Isn’t it?
  • Shouldn’t it?
  • Won’t they?

You’ve likely been using these questions with your prospects and customers without even knowing that it was a specific sales technique. Ensure when you are using tie-downs that you’re aware of your tone. It has to sound natural, so perhaps try role-playing some of these tie downs with a friend or your spouse before you get on a call. 

  • Earning a bit more money from running a small business on the side should be rewarding, shouldn’t it?
  • It seems that we’re all trying to lose that last 5lbs, especially after having kids, aren’t we?
  • Most of your friends and family will probably support you right off the bat, won’t they?
  • Making a bit of extra money is important to you, isn’t it? If I could show you the way to earn some extra income, is that important to you?

The other benefit to the tie-down is that it helps keep you in control of the conversation and helps ensure that the prospect understands what you’re saying during the call and that it’s okay to continue onto the next topic. 


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3. How to Close the Initial Conversation 

After working through the steps above, your goal is to close the prospect. Here’s an example of what this close looks like:

“I know that was a lot of information and you’ll have some questions after thinking everything over, so let’s schedule a time to get them all answered. I’ll invite my business partner to join us so she can give you another perspective besides mine, and together we can figure out if this is a good fit for you. How is Tuesday at 2pm?”

If they answer affirmatively tell them you will send them a few things to look over/listen to. Here is a resource we recommend: What is Network Marketing and How Does it Work? It gives a good overview of direct selling.

Why does this work? 

  • It gives your prospect time to think about the opportunity and not feel like they’re being rushed or pressured
  • It gives you time to prepare responses to any questions they raised
  • It schedules another time for you to connect with your prospect without leaving it open ended

Ideally, a prospect would close in the original conversation and if that happens, celebrate! Check out The 5 memes of prospecting if you’re feeling the prospecting burn! Otherwise, be prepared with your perfect close to ensure the conversation continues.

If your writing or reworking your follow up messaging check out our Script Writing Checklist

Recruitment calls can be nerve-wracking but these three strategies will help take your calls to the next level. Remember, do your research and come prepared to answer lots of questions. Above all find out why your prospect is interested in the opportunity and share your excitement at their potential for success in your business.

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