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How to Increase your Product Sales

As a Network Marketer, you’re familiar with the value of your products. 

They sit faithfully on your bathroom countertop, maybe next to the coffee pot, stashed inside your diaper bag, and at the bottom of your purse for on-the-go use. 

They are valuable to you, and worth every penny you paid for them.

But simply because you know how valuable they are, your audience and potential customers simply see another skincare cleanser, health and wellness supplement, or workout subscription… next to a dollar sign.

So how do you tap into the consumer brain, and make them motivated and eager to purchase your products? ✨

Through ‘Perceived Value’.

If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon, it’s the reason why you think the $50 bottle of wine is better than the $15 bottle of wine.

Why restaurants remove the dollar signs from their menus when listing their meal prices.

And why some people turn their nose down at purchasing shoes from Payless, but can’t take their credit cards out fast enough to purchase ‘Palessi’.

Now, your company has already given you access to sell products that have ‘Real Value’.

Real Value refers to how much it costs to produce the product, how useful it is to the buyer, and how much value the ingredients independently hold, etc.

But as a Network Marketer in the modern social media landscape, it’s your job to position that product to your target audience by adding in this additional layer of perceived value to the real product value.

This will help you stand out within the company field, increase your opportunity for more product sales conversions, and can be shaped and reshaped throughout your marketing.

Now, there are many ways that brands alter the perceived value to their consumer base. While you may not have control over the pricing of your products, products offered, or packaging of your products– there are still strategies that you can implement to increase the value perception of your products amongst your personal audience.

Your Personal Brand 💜

Your personal brand becomes an extension of the products themself. It is the reason why your target audience begins to know, like, and trust you, to exchange their hard earned money for your products. 

Modern Network Marketers have a deep understanding on how valuable personal connection is with their online communities and current customers, and lean into their personal brand to make their products look, and feel different than other Network Marketers within the same field.

Map out your core values and beliefs, your overall message that you want to instill within your audience, and what authentic personality traits you naturally hold that you can interlace into your marketing content.

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Third Party Testimonials 🎉

Your audience may know, like, and trust you, but what they really want to see is other people valuing the product. Similar to how you research every Amazon customer review before making a purchase, your future customers are looking for people with a similar problem that your product successfully delivered a solution for.

Ask your current loyal customers for feedback (and permission to share) about their favorite products, and what they value the most from them. The more third party testimonials, the better! Share often with your audience, and create an Instagram Story Highlight where potential customers can research and review for themselves when scrolling through your content on your profile.


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Listening and Understanding What Is Valuable To Your Target Audience 💬

There are many types of buyers located within your online community, and each individual has different personal purchasing decision factors, and perceives the value of products differently. It’s important to create marketing content that hits every angle across the buyer’s journey.

Connect with your physical buyers:

  • What does this product look like in their home?
  • How does the serum feel?
  • Is it really streamline enough to fit inside their purse for nutrition-on-the-go vs what they are currently using?

Connect with your logical buyers:

  • How is this product going to improve their day to day?
  • What will remain the same if they don’t purchase?
  • How long will this product last?

Connect with your emotional buyers:

  • How will they feel after they commit to using the product?
  • How will they enjoy purchasing from you vs another consultant?
  • How will diffusing this essential oil product bring them back to a positive childhood memory?

The goal of increasing the perceived value of your products is to make people feel confident, and good from purchasing from you.

Add this layer into your product marketing strategy, and hit those personal sales bonuses you’ve been striving towards.

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