Why is prospecting so difficult? Indulge in these memes telling the story of prospecting for network marketers and direct sellers as you navigate the Kubler Ross 5 stages of grief and loss cycle. Revel in these prospecting memes for network marketers!

You’ve built your social channels showing who you are, what you offer, and how amazing your products are. You’ve nurtured your prospects, engaged with them, built a relationship and they finally say they’re interested in becoming a customer and buying some products 🙌

You’re doing your happy dance as you prepare to onboard your latest new customer and bask in the success of all your prospecting efforts as you painstakingly brought them along the sales journey.


Stage 1: Denial

But they said they were interested…

Let’s call our prospect Naomi.

You connected with Naomi on Instagram when she responded to an IG story about your product two months ago, since then you’ve built up a rapport, reacting to her stories, becoming friends on Facebook, gently messaging her about new product launches and finally she said yes. 

Naomi would like to make a purchase. Over the next two weeks you reach out with all the information only to hear… nothing. 

The Office Meme
Credit: 15 Hilarious and All-Too-Accurate Sales Memes
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Stage 2: Anger

Do they not understand how much this means to me?

The read sign has appeared on your message to Naomi on Facebook. You know she’s read the message. She replied to a reaction you sent to her IG story… but still she ignores the important product information message.

Me: Hi Naomi, the deal is about to expire soon! Just wanted to check in so you don’t miss it…

Naomi: Thanks! I’ll take a look tomorrow x

Me: *Face palm*

Sleep On It Meme
Credit: 5 Sales Memes that Sit to Close to Home

Stage 3: Bargaining

Let’s try reaching out to them again

Three weeks have passed and Naomi still didn’t get back to you. You’re starting to wonder if you should just move on, focus on your other prospects… but you were so close!

Me: Hi Naomi, How are you? I love your photos from your trip to the lake the other day - so idyllic! I just wanted to let you know that the product is back on deal again. Would you like to try a free sample. 

Naomi: So sorry, I didn’t see your message hun, definitely need something though, I’ll take a look today x

Me: Why don’t you just look now?   I know you saw the last message!!  Just say if you’re not interested!   That’s great, let me know 🙂 

Man With Hat Meme
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Stage 4: Depression

It’s fine… I’m not crying

It wouldn’t be so frustrating if Naomi was the only one...Darren, Pallavi, Alexa, Airi, Anya, Amber (all the A’s it seems), none of them converted from prospects to customers this month even though they said they wanted to buy the product. 

Me: Hello...

My prospects: *tumbleweed*

List Of Prospects Meme

Stage 5: Acceptance

Don’t worry about me 

It’s fine though. You have lots of customers who love the products already and who engage with you all the time and like it when you check in with them… 

Bunny Meme
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So why do we do this to ourselves?

I’m just going to give up. There’s no point. No one wants to buy from me. 

I can do this. I am awesome. Prospecting does work, just not all the time. New month, new prospects, new opportunities.

On Tuesdays Meme
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Because when we win the customer and make the sale

Naomi: Sorry for the late reply is it too late to get in on that deal! X

Me: *Huzzah*

Grumpy Cat Meme
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It’s all worth it!

Next Rank Meme
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