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Penny Power Week

At the beginning of the Nurture & Excitement phase, we talked briefly about hosting a Penny Power Week as a competition to drive user sign ups and adoption. Now this can be a power day, 3-day or week long event, it’s completely up to you! The goal is to use Penny as a tool to drive activity across your organization, in a competitive experience. Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition?

You will work with your account manager and a Penny designated marketing person to create your content for this Penny Power Week. The methodology is simple, each day your Penny users will receive a push notification via SMS and an in app post highlighting their mission for the day. 

Here is a content calendar with examples of what the Penny Power Week could look like for your users

Pre Event Teaser + Video Message from Company Corporate Event Sponsor

SMS Push Notification

[First Name], Get Ready to GROW!

[Company Name]’s first Penny Power Week is starting tomorrow at 8am PST! Login to Penny for a special video message from [Corporate Sponsor]


In App Notification:

Hi [First Name],

We’re so excited to see you! Tomorrow is the Penny Power Week, and today, we have a special video message from [Corporate Sponsor]. 

[insert video message]

2. Daily Missions

Day 1

SMS Push Notification

[First Name], Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Every business success started with a first step!

Login to Penny to see your Day 1 mission for Penny Power Week and take your first steps towards growth. 

In App Notification:

Hi [First Name],

Welcome to Day 1 of Penny Power Week! Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part. I promise you that once you take the first step in Penny and start building your momentum, you’ll be unstoppable! Here is your Day 1 Mission:

  1. Complete 8 Reconnect Tasks
  2. Complete 9 Follow Up Tasks
  3. Share 3 pieces of [Company Name] Content with 8 different prospects!

That’s it for today. Go ahead and crush it and I’ll see you back here for your Day 2 mission!

Day 2

SMS Push Notification

[First Name], Showing Up For Yourself Is KEY

No matter if we win or we lose, showing up for YOU is the most important element of success. So head into Penny and show up for you & your goals today!

In App Notification:

Hi [First Name],

I love to see you showing up for yourself! Just simply being here is already a win! But hey, since I have you here, let’s take it to another level! Here is your mission for today:

  1. Invite your team to Penny
  2. Create, save, and share one of your favourite sales scripts with your team 
  3. Save 3 of your own scripts in Penny 

That’s it for today. Keep showing up for YOU- I’ll see you back here for your Day 3 mission!

Day 3

SMS Push Notification

[First Name], Remember WHY you started!

You ARE capable & worthy of creating the life you want. All it takes is a little hard work & some help from Penny 😉 Login to Penny for your last mission of Power Week!

In App Notification:

Hi [First Name],

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Let’s remember that as we dive into our final mission!

  1. Create 3 Custom Lists
  2. Complete 8 Reconnect Tasks
  3. Complete 9 Prospect Rankings 

You’re at the finish line. Crush this list out of the park and reap the benefits of your hard work!

Training Week 

This next part of your nurture & excitement phase revolves around the events that you already have in your roadmap as a company. Where Penny has seen huge success in launching to fields, is by including Penny as part of your next field event as a thought leadership & educational track. 

You can work with your account manager to integrate Penny into your next field event in a seamless way. Some examples are having someone from Penny do a presentation on a thought leadership piece such as “delivering exceptional customer service” and integrating the Penny application into the talk to show how Penny helps deliver on that topic. 

You can also have an influential leader in your organization highlight Penny in their talk. Both ways have been proven highly effective to increase user adoption and activation. 

In addition to the speaker series, highlighting award recipients for the most active and successful Penny users at your event is an incredible way to motivate and inspire other distributors. Work with your account manager on how Penny can help sponsor this award and highlight the users that deserve the most recognition.

Penny Encouragement
Well done for finishing this article and investing in your business! 🙌
- Penny

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