Adding Contacts To Social Media

Are your Instagram and Facebook contacts in Penny?

One of the best things about Penny is that you can keep all your contact information in one place. It makes managing your business so much easier.

Did you know that you can directly add a contact from your social media profiles right into your Penny app?

When you add your social media profile contacts it automatically links to their Penny profile which makes it easy for you to instantly message them from Penny on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  1. Go to More in the menu of the mobile app 📱
  2. Select Contacts 👥
  3. Search or select the contact profile you would like to add the handle to.
  4. Under the Details tab, hit the Edit option ✋
  5. Copy and paste the entire Instagram URL into the social profile field. Hit Save ☀️

Learn more about your Penny app and how to run your whole business from The Daily here. Remember if you need an extra hand with any of the Penny features reach out to Customer Support by clicking the chat button in app.

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