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Do you know what your ‘Why’ is? 

Why you...

  • Started network marketing? 
  • Took a chance and set up your own business? 
  • Chose to invest and believe in yourself?

Your ‘Why’ is the key to your business and your success. Without your ‘Why’? Then what is the point? 

Take Penny Legend, Christie Nix. Her ‘Why’ was to give her family financial freedom.

Christie Nix

“This industry teaches us to find what is important to you—to grow and to share your passion. After all, network marketing is sharing something you love.”

Christie Nix

If you're looking to expand your business and bring more people onto your team then you need to start with defining your why. If you can put a pin on your why then you can help other people find there’s.

And why is your why so important? Your why is the golden thread that runs through all of your conversations. People don’t buy based on rationale, they buy based on emotion. Your why is what compels people to join your team and try your products. The better you can tell your story, the more successful you will be.

Crafting your Why is important not just for building your team but also to help you create your personal brand identity for social media.

The Golden Circle - What, How, Why or Why, How, What

Simon Sinek, the author of ‘Start With Why’, wanted to understand why some people saw success while others didn’t (even when comparing people or companies who were equally intelligent, talented, affluent, creative, etc.). After years of research and analysis, he deduced a pattern and called it The Golden Circle.

Golden Circle - craft your why

Simon identified that while everyone knew WHAT they did and most people and organizations knew HOW they did it, very few actually knew WHY. (And it is key here to note that the why is not about revenue.)

What is your purpose, cause, belief? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should other people care?

Regardless of the size of your business or what industry you’re in, Simon claims that successful businesses/people communicate leading with their WHY! 

Watch Simons’s TedTalk here: Start with Why

Let’s look at the difference between leading with WHAT vs WHY

Example 1: What, How, Why….

What - I sell products that help people with a variety of skin concerns.

How - I set up my own business with [COMPANY NAME].

Why - I’ve always struggled with insecurities about my skin, and I want every person to feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

Example 2: Why, How, What...

Why - I’ve always struggled with insecurities about my skin, and I want every person to feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

How - I set up my own business with [COMPANY NAME].

What - I sell products that help people with a variety of skin concerns.

The difference is amazing even with such a simple example. By reversing the way you communicate about your business, you build a connection with your customers. They hear your why and think, that’s me! Simon says it’s the most simple idea anyone’s ever come up with but its simplicity is also its beauty. Anyone can implement this to improve the way they talk about their business. 

Here’s an outline to help you craft your why

Finding your why 

  1. Who you define yourself to be, and what jobs you have had in the past?
    • I’ve worked as an ER nurse for 10 years 
    • I’m a full-time mom who stopped working so that I could be home with my kids 
    • I was a business consultant with my own practice 
  2. What was the moment or reason that caused you to start seeking something more/something else?
    • I enjoyed being a nurse however, I really wanted to have a more steady schedule that aligned with my husband’s so that we could do more things together 
    • I loved my job however I wanted more flexibility to be able to spend more time with my kids 
    • My business was going well but I was tired of how much I had to work to keep it going, and always being at the beck and call of my clients was draining 
  3. How did you hear of the company that you now work for, and what was the defining moment for you wanting to join?
    • One of my friends from high school introduced me to [COMPANY NAME] and I was so impressed with how she built her business around her desired lifestyle, and quickly saw this as a way to never have to work 4 night shifts in a row again
    • My old colleague introduced me to [COMPANY NAME] and I loved the idea of helping people achieve their goals, while in turn building the life I wanted. It was a no-brainer for me.
    • One of my clients actually introduced me to [COMPANY NAME] and I quickly noticed how she was in control of her business and set boundaries as to when, where and how she worked. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. 
  4. The impact it’s had on your life, or the impact you’re working towards
    • I was really excited and was able to build up this business from part-time to full-time. I’ve been able to bring people on my team to help them accomplish the same thing and I’ve created a much more balanced lifestyle than I was working before. 
    • I’ve been able to work on this business part-time and the income I earn helps pay for our monthly grocery bill and our daughters’ dance lessons. That alone makes it so worthwhile. 
    • I’m working on building my team and customer base so I can pivot into this business full-time. It’ll allow my family and I to move across the state and I don’t have to worry about being at my client’s offices all of the time anymore, but instead, I can run this business remotely from home. 

How it flows together

Average Example

I used to be a nurse but I wanted more flexibility with my time so I started network marketing, oh and I love the products. 

Excellent Example

I worked as an ER nurse for 10 years. I loved my job, but the hours were long. My husband also had a very demanding job with long hours and our marriage was suffering from a lack of quality time together. We wanted to start a family but I couldn’t see how we could manage it with our current lifestyle. One of my friends from high school started a [COMPANY NAME] business and I was so impressed watching on social media how she built her business around the lifestyle she wanted. I was watching her success and thinking ‘This is it! This is how I could start my family.’

I was so excited and threw all my energy into building up my business so it could replace my full-time nursing salary. It was difficult and in the beginning, it took up even more time because I was starting my business alongside my ER shifts. But eventually, I noticed the shift as my business grew stronger and I could start taking fewer shifts. Along the way, I’ve brought so many amazing people onto my team all looking for a better work-life balance. Looking back I’m so proud of the life I’ve created and I am so much happier now that my husband and I can spend more quality time together and think about starting our family. 

Take the time now to master your Why. Some people find it uncomfortable sharing their personal story fearing it sounds attention-seeking, or worrying people might judge them, some people just don’t like sharing personal details about their life. Find the story that works for you so when you’re selling yourself and your business people know exactly WHY:

  • You are passionate about network marketing
  • They should trust you to be their leader and mentor when they’re starting their own company.

Once you've crafted and refined your WHY it will be that much easier to communicate your message as your build your team.

Penny Encouragement
Smile 😄 Good things are coming your way!
- Penny

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