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Time Management Tips for Network Marketers

How to control your time and minimize distractions.

Raise your hand if you get distracted by your phone… ✋

In Megan’s first lesson she dives straight in giving you a practical tip to minimize one of the most prevalent distractions in your life, your phone!

Take Megan’s 5 part course to find out how you can:

  • Minimize distractions
  • Create checklists for success
  • Turn checklists into routines
  • Use technology efficiently
  • Create a central repository of your business information
  • Change you approach planning your time

Good luck! ✨

Hi my name is Megan Sumrell.

I am a time management expert, a fellow network marketer, and a Penny app lover and user. And I am really excited here today to be able to share with you some of my top time management saving tips to help you have the work life harmony that you so deserve as you are growing your amazing business. 🎉

Now tell me if this rings true for you, perhaps when you join your business. One of the things that you found very intriguing I know I did early on was this idea and I was told that I could work my business from anywhere, fitting it into small pockets of time. Well, fast forward to several months later and guess what happens? You now might be finding yourself, working your business from everywhere all the time.

Right? it’s so easy for us to come in with this idea of thinking that we’re going to be able to fit our business in into the, quote, nooks and crannies of our life. But then what we end up discovering is that we find we are almost feeling like a slave to our technology and mobile devices as we’re growing our business. I want to give you some tips to help you avoid that and actually maximize the time that you’re having with your business. So that it doesn’t feel like it becomes all consuming.

Lesson 1: Turn off the noise

The first tip that I want to share with you are some really important things to set up on your mobile device. I like to use the saying that your phone should never talk to you unless you have told it to. 📱

What do I mean by that? An example in my own life, the only time my mobile device makes a noise is if a designated family member is calling me or if the school is calling me. That’s it. My phone doesn’t make a noise for texts, for notifications, and it also doesn’t have any flashing notifications either. Now, what this allows me to do is to have very strategic pockets of time throughout my day where I am opening up my phone and going in and checking and responding to messages.

So the very first thing I would encourage all of you to do is to go into your mobile device and turn off both audio and visual notifications so that you are not feeling this pull to have constant distractions and needing to respond on the regular. 😊

Megan Sumrell

"I help people master time management, organization and productivity. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and frazzled? Walking through the motions day after day “getting it done” but flat out exhausted?If you are exhausted from #allthethings and want to gain control over your calendar again, I want to help YOU!" - Megan Sumrell
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