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Time Management Tips for Network Marketers

How to create routines to maximize efficiency

Do you know how much time you need? ⌚️

In Lesson 3, Megan talks you through how to turn your three checklists into repeatable and manageable routines.

If you haven’t already take the time to write down what you need to do to manage and/or grow your business:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Hi Megan here 👋

All right, another great time saving tip is all around establishing routines for you in your life that support your business. And you can also take this tip and apply it to other parts of your life as well.

So in the previous video, I introduced you to this idea of creating daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Well, a way to really, really maximize the time saving elements of that is to think about what routines can you create in your day that, again, allow you to be very intentional and thoughtful with the time that you’re spending in your business, instead of feeling like you are working nonstop all day long.

So if you have the list of the things that you want to do on the daily. All right. And we’re going to lean into daily ones, but then you can apply this technique to your weekly and monthly as well. So perhaps you have a list of activities that you want to do every day. The next step is to look at those and think about how much time do you want to spend on them? ⏰ Or if it’s a task where it’s not so how much time you want to spend, but how long the task takes and add that up. Because what you really need to understand is how much time do you need to plan to spend on your business every day?

Routine Example

So you may have this list of tasks. Let’s say, for example, you have a task of wanting to spend 20 minutes responding to messages from your team. Then maybe you have another task of working on your social media platform and you know that you want to spend 45 minutes a day on that. (I’m just using your random numbers here.) Now, what you need to do at this point is understand what? What does all of that equal? You may end up having a list of daily tasks that you want to do on your business. And when you look at them, you realize that it adds up to about 90 minutes.

Now we need to look at the realities of your unique life and your situation. Maybe right now you are in the throes of building this business while you are working alongside a full time job. So you know that you may not have 90 minutes to do all of this at once, but when you look at your daily tasks and you start to divide it up, you might be able to create three routines per day, each one at 30 minutes. So you might decide to combine a morning routine for your business that’s 30 minutes. That encompasses two or three of those tasks on your daily checklist. Then maybe your second routine of the day. Perhaps you can do it over a lunch break or right as your Workday is ending. And that might be a routine around all of your work on social media. And then maybe later in the evening you have your final 30 minute routine.

Being Intentional 💜

So when we’re very intentional about taking these checklists and then creating established routines, now we can go into our calendar and actually create those appointments with ourselves to go in and complete our daily morning routine, our mid-day morning routine and our evening routine. Or you may end up just having two routines or even one big routine where you sit down and you do all the work for your business in one, maybe hour or two hour chunk of time for the day.

This gets to be what you decide. You get to be in the driver’s seat and it can be very fluid as well as your business grows, as it shifts and changes in life. If you have young kids, what my routines look like during the school year versus summer varies. But what this lets you do is step in working your business and then stepping back out and not feeling like you need to constantly be in and out of it all day long.

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