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This industry is all about relationships but it's difficult if you can't actually keep track of those relationships which is why I'm here to share how I keep track of all of my contacts and keep building relationships with my customers and new contacts.

Colleen Nichols is the founder of No Shame Sales Game and Direct Sales Growth Community and this is how she uses Penny to keep track of all her connections.

In the past it was a very embarrassing if I was working all week and I would tell someone I’m going to follow up. But then I forgot because the random piece of paper that I wrote it on got thrown in the trash or I wrote it in a notebook in the kitchen and I just lost track of it. It’s embarrassing and it’s unprofessional.

Colleen | Home Office
Colleen Nichols
DSGC & No Shame Sales Game

This is how I use Penny to never lose track of a connection again! 🎉

  • Log in to Penny

  • Go to the Daily

Reachout 1

  • Check my reach outs (a list of people that it’s the first time I’m talking to them)

  • Click into the list of reach outs

Reachout 2

  • Select the first person

  • Send them a message

  • Select complete

Reachout 3

  • Label them depending on whether I think they’re ‘On the Fence’ or a ‘Hot Prospect’

Reachout 4

    • Select when I want to next talk to them

    • Move on to the next person to reach out

Reachout 5

Now with Penny I never lose track of anyone because it’s all in one place I’m not scattered all over with notebooks and sticky notes. I’m in one app, on my phone or my computer, where everyone is in one place and I’m reminded who I need to talk to when and what about. I’m rarely in one place for more than 10 minutes. With three kids, I’m always on the go but one constant is this phone so having it in one place and having a spot where I can add notes or reminders of who I’m talking to and what we’re talking about is so helpful.

Colleen | Home Office
Colleen Nichols
DSGC & No Shame Sales Game

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